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Q: Can you eating one meal every 48 hours?
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How long till your stomach is empty after eating a small med or large meal?

Approximately 2 to 3 hours after a meal. I have had antibiotics that had to be taken "on an empty stomach", and the pharmacist told me to take them one hour before or 2-3 hours after a meal.

Where does one sit when eating a meal?

Where one sits when eating a meal depends on where they are. If they are at home, they can sit at the dining room table, or on the couch.

How many hours a day does a giant panda spend feeding?

how long does it take a giant panda to eat one meal??

Meal Take One meal take one meal take one?

Think it means "take one after every meal"

Can you build muscles eating only one meal a day?

No. To build muscles, you need lots of proteins. Eating one meal a day doesn't give you enough energy.

What is wrong eating one meal a day for weight loss?

Unless you are a genius and know how to get all of your required nutrients and calories for one day into one meal, your body will begin to suffer deficiencies. Ask anyone who knows and they'll tell you you're starving your body. Your body needs to have a higher metabolism to lose weight by eating healthier smaller meals more often. Starving your body will have the opposite effect. Your body will want to store what it gets as fat because it only gets food once a day. You really want your body to burn fat and eating healthy meals every couple hours will, give you the energy to exercise to lose weight. So instead of one large meal a day it should be several small every couple hours, especially before you work out.

What is one food in Ireland in every meal?

There is no one food in every meal in Ireland, but you are probably referring to potatoes which is in a lot of meals in Ireland.

Do you have a eating disorder if you only eat one meal a day?

Not neccesarily, that would depend more on your state of nutrition. However, eating only one meal isn't the most sensible approach, regardless of how healthy and well balanced that meal might be.

What is Meal Take One on Tough Turkey Teasers?

I think it might be "take one after every meal".

Is eating a microwave meal with 1000mg of sodium to much in one serving?

I aim at around 300 mg per meal

Is dessert a meal?

According to the definition of meal, yes! :D

What is one of the most important rules to remeber about healthy eating?

Eat whole foods in their most natural state. Eat raw uncooked vegetables with every meal. Do NOT over eat.