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Q: Can you find parts for Electra-O-Matic Food Slicer 11-1E-2?
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Where can you get parts for Rival Protect-O-Matic food slicer Model 1005-m?


Why purchase a food slicer?

Food slicers are good for many things. With a food slicer you can make more slices at once.

How do I use an electric food slicer?

You can definitely use an electric food slicer to cut onions! The best place to buy an electric food slicer is at Fred Meyers, where they have them on sale all the week and for the rest of the month. To use it, follow the instructions that come with the electric food slicer.

Which is better an electronic knife or an electric food slicer?

Many people are becoming accustomed to the electronic knife. The electric food slicer is still the most commonly used for preparation slicer.

What is the cheapest place to buy Chef's Choice 498 Food Slicer?

Amazon has a cheap price for Chef's choice sharpener for electric food slicer blades. This is where you can buy the cheapest Chef's Choice 498 Food Slicer.

Where can you find rival food slicer replacement parts?

The best thing to do would be to call the manufacturer and give then the item number of your appliance.

Where can I find a electric food slicer online?

You can find an electric food slicer online at the following sites I found for you. , Appliances Small Kitchen Appliances

What is the average price for a Chef's Choice electric food slicer?

The average price for a Chef's Choice electric food slicer would be around a hundred dollars. These can be purchased at local retailers as well as online.

How old do you have to be to work at arbeys?

16 to work on front line and 18 to touch food slicer.

What is a mandolin kitchen?

I believe you are referring to a mandolin kitchen slicer. It is a slicer which works by sliding the food across the blade with the slices falling out the bottom. It usually has a variety of interchangeable blades for different types of slicing.

How do you remove the slicer blade on your rival food slicer 1101e-2?

You turn the knob in the back to loosen it. Righty-tighty lefty loosey. You might need to use a pair of pliers or something if it's stuck tight.

About how much time will it save me to purchase an electric food slicer?

With an electric food slicer your cuts will be more even and controlled. You can present yourself as a professional without actually being. It will save you time and money with preparing large meals for the family. The time saved will begin getting greater as you become more comfortable operating the slicer, but you shall notice a small amount of time gained right from the very beginning.