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Generally speaking, it's assumed by the state that you know you're required to stop at a stop sign if you've taken a driving test and possess a license. Because it's a moving violation, the chances of the ticket being reduced are almost non-existent unless you could prove the signage at the stop was inadequate. Best advice, pay the ticket and watch for stop signs.

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Q: Can you get a failure to stop at stop sign ticket reduced if first time offender or should you just pay the ticket?
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Will youthful offender get you out of paying for a speeding ticket?


In AZ is a ticket for failure to yield considered a misdemeanor?

yes, in Arizona a ticket for failure to yield is considered a misdemeanor. The ticket issued will have a fine that you need to pay.

Failure to stop at red light?

you should have received a ticket if pulled over, or you will receive on in the mail if there were cameras.

Will youthful offender apply to a speeding ticket if you've already had a stop sign ticket in Alabama?

The term Youthful Offender is a status given to someone under the age of 21 who decides to be charged as a youthful offender instead of being charged with another crime. Youthful Offender status is usually reserved for much greater offenses than a speeding ticket. Youthful Offender was set up to give juveniles a somewhat second chance instead of having an offense on their record that would haunt them for the rest of their lives. If you are young, and I am assuming you are, just pay the ticket and move on with life. A speeding ticket is not the end of the world and will not prevent you from being hired nor is it so horrible that it will haunt you for the rest of your life. In other words, it is not great enough to warrant youthful offender status nor would this status likely be granted by a Judge considering the circumstances.

How much is a fire zone ticket?

Fire zone ticket fines will vary from city to city. For example, in Boston, a fire zone ticket will cost the offender approximately $200.00.

Who gets ticket for a passenger not wearing seatbelt in state of Oregon?

depends on the age of the offender. if the person is 16 years or older then they get the ticket, if the person is 15 or younger then the driver gets the ticket.

What is the statute of limitations on an unpaid parking ticket in VT?

A Vermont traffic ticket is not subject to a statue of limitations. The offender has already been informed of the violation.

Should you fight a failure to dim ticket if there was no traffic around you?

If the cop was close enough to see you had brights on, you were probably in the wrong.

Is a warrant for failure to appear for a speeding ticket a felony or misdemeanor in Texas?

It is not a felony, but you will have a warrant put out for your arrest if you continue to ignore the ticket. Below is a link about failure to appear.

If you get a ticket while driving someone else's car will it go on your record?

Yes, Tickets go on the driving of the driving record of the offender. It does not matter who owned the vehicle. The driver is the offender, not the owner.

I was in downtown atlanta and I got a ticket for failure to obey a traffic device running a red light Im 17 and that's my first ticket any ideas how much it will cost me?

Should be about $200.

Do they offer you a reduced fee if you plead not guilty on a traffic ticket?


What is an excursion ticket?

a round-trip ticket at a reduced price. Often for use within a limited period of time.

How much does a failure to dim ticket cost in Utah?

i don't ?

How much does a Failure to yield ticket cost Louisiana?


How much will a parking ticket cost in Brooklyn NY?

A parking ticket in Brooklyn NY will typically cost the offender approximately $115.00. This fee does not include any late fees.

Even one Failure to Appear or Failure to Pay after a ticket can result in?

Suspension of your license and pay $55 (a fee)

How many points for failure to stop in Colorado?

In Colorado failure to stop at a stop sign is a 4 point ticket.

How much is a failure to yield ticket cost in Georgia?

I had a fail to yield ticket that caused an accident and paid $214.

Will a ticket for failure to pull over for an emergency vehicle change my points and effect my insurance rates?

It should because most consider it a moving violation.

Tollway no cash?

Expect a ticket in the mail. Tollway fee + hefty fine. A first time offender may be forgiven.

How much your insurance will go up if you have failure to yield ticket?


What does ftmfr in a traffic ticket mean?

Failure to maintain financial responsibility.

What is the statute of limitations for a failure to yield ticket in Texas?

The statute of limitations for a failure to yield ticket is 2 years in Texas. This means that people can sue or otherwise take you to court for the two years after it happened.

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