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Two friends & I putted our money 2gether for a road trip. When we got back, we had $45 left. If we split it evenly, how much will we each get? If I divide this way: 45/3=$15 Dividing this way: 3/15=3/15=1/5!

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Q: Can you give an example to show that division is not commutative?
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Give an example to show that subtraction is not commutative?

1-3 != 3-1

Can you give an example to show that subtraction is not commutative?

5 - 3 = 2 3 - 5 = -2 2 is not the same as -2 so the operation is not commutative.

How distributive and commutative properties can be used to show that two or more expressions are equivalent?

distributive is just a longer way to show the equation and commutative is the numbers combined. Example: 4(5+x) is the distibutive and the equal equation that is commutative is 20+4x

Would you please show me an example of commutative property?

2 x 8=8 x 2

How do you prove a Ring to be commutative?

To prove a ring is commutative, one must show that for any two elements of the ring their product does not depend on the order in which you multiply them. For example, if p and q are any two elements of your ring then p*q must equal q*p in order for the ring to be commutative. Note that not every ring is commutative, in some rings p*q does not equal q*p for arbitrary q and p (for example, the ring of 2x2 matrices).

Can you give an example to show that division is not associative?

Consider 75/15/3 (75/15)/3 = 5/3 = 1.66... 75/(15/3) = 75/5 = 25

Can you give an example of a simple sentence using me?

She handed me the book.

Show a strategy you can use to find the product of 3 times 9?

commutative property 9X3

Is addition commutative can you show me an example?

The property of addition that allows two or more addends to be added in any order without changing the sum; a + b = b + a Examples: c + 4 = 4 + c (2 + 5) + 4r = 4r + (2 + 5)

What do you mean tours?

u give a tour for example show them were everthing is

What does a negative exponent show?

A negative exponent indicates division by the base. For example: 8 -3 = 1/(83)= 1/672

can you give me an example of a character sketch?

Here are some good links to show you.