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Use parentheses, then brackets, then parentheses, then brackets, and so on. Word (word [word], word [word (word)])

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โˆ™ 2009-09-08 17:14:00
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Q: Can you have a bracket inside a bracket?
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How do you figure out 4-open bracket-y-2-close bracket-ยฒ?

you first solve the inside of the bracket and then do the inside answer with the outside numbers.

How do you use full stop with bracket?

Use a period inside the bracket to indicate the sentence inside is ending. Use a period outside of the bracket to indicate that the entire sentence (before the bracketed sentence) has ended.

Should a question mark be inside bracket or outside?

Inside if the sentence inside the brackets is a question.

How do you eliminate the parenthesis in algebra equation?

You can remove parenthesis or bracket by multiplying the number outside, with the number inside the bracket.

Need plate to hang inside wall light?

Plate or bracket

What is a half in decimal?

the answer is .5 because you do bo that means bottom outside so you divide 2 into 1 2 is outside of the bracket and 1 is inside the bracket and then your answer .5

How do you work out double bracket algebra?

you can use the "foil" method. this is where you multiply the first numbers in each bracket ("f") then times the outside numbers in each bracket together ("o") then multiply the inside numbers together ("i") and then, the last numbers in each bracket ("l") you then add all of the answers together and simplify it.

Where is the fuse box on a 1956 Chevy?

It's up under the left side of the dash behind the light switch. A bracket is screwed to the inside top of the dash and the fuse box is riveted to the bracket.

Where is fuel filter for 94 cougar?

under passenger side of car near door inside of a bracket

How do you replace the thermostat on a 1987 nova?

Look at the large tube coming out of your radiator. Where that attaches to the engine there is a bracket that clamps to the hose and bolts on to the block. Take the bracket off the block. Inside of this is where the thermostat sits.

What is derivative of 1 minus x cube whole bracket cube?

The rule in differentiating any bracket is: The power of the bracket multiplied by the bracket itself but lowered by one degree, then multiplied by the derivative of whatever inside the bracket. Its easy, just remember it this way. y=(1-x^3)^3 y'= 3(1-x^3)^2(-3x^2)= -9x^2(1-x^3)^2

What is correct bracket pipes or pipe bracket?

Pipe bracket.

Your window motor works in your 2000 Ford Crown Victoria but window will not roll down What is a solution for your problem?

The complete moter and attaching bracket assembly inside the door must be replaced. as the bracket assy is broken.

Does it hurt getting your gums cut open to attach a bracket to a tooth inside your gums?

yes yes yes

What does distributive property mean in math?

The distributive property of multiplication over addition states that a*(b + c) = a*b + a*c that is, the multiplication of the bracket by a can be distributed over the elements inside the bracket.

Why is it named bracket fungi?

Bracket Fungi are attached with trees like a bracket .

How do loosen the tensioner for a serpentine belt on a 1987 crown vic?

depends on whether you are talking about the inside belt (closest to the engine) or the outside belt (closest to the cooling fan). Outside belt - loosen the alternator bolt at the top (the one that slides in the curved groove on the bracket) dont take it all the way out, just loosen it. On the bottom of the alternator there is another long bolt that needs to be loosened as well. The alternator should swivel in towards the engine giving enough slack to take the belt off or whatever needs to be done. Inside belt - The idler pulley (passenger side of the engine under the big a/c compressor) There is a bolt on the inside of the bracket that slides in a groove similar to the one on the alternator. It is hard to get to, but that is the only way to take the tension off the inside belt. Loosen the bolt on the inside of the bracket, then loosen the bolt on the outside of the bracket where the pivot arm bolts to the mounting bracket. The pulley should swing up towards the top of the engine giving the slack needed.

How do i expand an equation?

To expand an equation you multiply the number outside the bracket with everything inside the bracket. ex. 3(x+3) becomes 3x+9

Is a vw brake wear sensor on the inside or outside?

The wear sensor is located on or inside the friction material of the inner pad and is wired to a 2 pin connection that is supported on a bracket that is secured to the caliper.

Where does the period go at the end of a sentence when using a bracket?

If the contents of the bracket is a phrase or is merely adding to the sentence, the fullstop/period comes after the closing bracket. However, if the contents of the bracket is a full sentence or even several sentences, then the fullstop/period is inside of the bracket.Example:A new assignment? I was so excited (not).A new assignment? I was so excited (That's not actually true.).A new assignment? I was so excited. (That was sarcasm. I was not actually excited.)

How many times do you space after an opening bracket?

There is a space before an opening bracket, but I am reasonably sure there is no space after the opening bracket. Neither is there one before the closing bracket.

VW jetta cassette deck rejects tape?

It could be you have something shoved in the tape slot, I've seen this problem with 2 cars I have owned. One time it was just a coin in there. But we bought a jeep last week tried a tape, rejected, looked inside we found a bunch of trident wrappers, quarter, dime, and 3 pennies. so take a flash light and use a pen or pencil with some doubled sided tape on the end and you should be able to remove anything stuck in there. Note: some of the coins were on top of the bracket inside and they were hard to see. I had to push the little eject bracket inside the slot (so the bracket would go down) then I held down the bracket and removed the coins on top.

What is bracket plus 2 bracket times bracket take away 4 bracket?

-8 (U could just have used the numbers rather than spelling it out u know)

What is the bracket called that holds the caliper?

Caliper mounting bracket or steering knuckle. It depends on if the bracket is a separate part of the knuckle or not.

How much weight can a ceiling bracket hold?

The weight a ceiling bracket can hold depends on the type of bracket and where it is placed. A solid metal bracket secured into a ceiling joist can hold quite a lot of weight. A smaller, weaker bracket or one that is secured only into sheet rock should only hold about a pound. A bracket that expands after installation should be used when not securing to a joist for heavier loads. Otherwise, the bracket may break or pull through the sheetrock. Check the bracket packaging for weight limits on the bracket itself.