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Try 1000 / 2 =

"1000" button, then "divide" button, then "2" button

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Q: Can you make 500 using your calculator if the 5 key the plus key and the minus key are broken?
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You want to make 99 by using your calculator but the 9 key and the plus key and the minus key are broken how can you use your calculator to do this task?

33*3 11*9

Can you make 99 using the calculator if 9 key is broken and the plus and minus keys are broken?

(66/2)3= 99 66 divided by 2 mulitplied by 3 equals 99.

How can you make 500 using a calculator five different ways if the 5 key plus key and minus key are broken?

I only know one, but it's 1,000/2.

Can you make 55 using your calculator if the 5 key the plus key and the minus key are broken?

You can take a multiple of 55, such as 110, and divide by 2.110/2=55

Can you make 99 using your calculator if the 9 key the plus key and the minus key are broken?

One way is by using 3 x 33 = 99 Using decimals, you could also multiply 6 x 16.5 or 12 x 8.25

How can you make 200 five ways using a calculator but the 0 key and plus key are broken?


You want to make 48 using your calculator but the 4 key and the 8 key are broken how can you do this task?

50 - 2 = 48

You want to make 48 by using your calculator but the 4key and the 8 key are broken How can you use muy calcultor to do this task?

Try 16 * 3 =

How could you make make 23 x 4 if the 4 on your calculator is broken?

46 x 2.

What does a plus and and minus make?

= a minus

Does using a calculator make you less intelligent?

No. However, alike anything else in life. If you use a calculator for everything, then the most remedial calculations may become hard to do without a calculator. It is good practise to do without a calculator where possible

How do you use a loan amortization calculator?

If you wanted to use a loan amortization calculator you would be using a calculator that would be consolidating your loans into one. You would be checking what the payment you could make to pay them all off is.

What is a good brand of commercial loan calculator?

One good online source for a commercial loan calculator is found at Calculator Plus. It requires an updated plug-in to use but has many features that make it worth using.

How do you make seven eighths a decimal?

Divide 7 by 8, using a calculator or a pencil, to get 0.875 .

How do you multiply a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number?

Using a calculator will make it easier

How do you make 999.999 equal 100 using decimal or fraction?

It is: 999.999 minus 899.999 = 100

How do you make a broken heart using keyboard characters?

Like this: </3

Is the calculator always right?

It really depends on the calculator. As long as you make sure you punched in the right numbers. To check if your calculator is broken, press the number 8 and if some pieces of the corner of the number is faded, then it's time to buy a new calculator. yes it is always right just as long as you are typing in the right numbers that you need to. :) brandi

How do you make a pie chart without using excel?

Use a calculator, protractor and ruler, along with colour pencils or similar.

How do you make 22 from 1 4 7 9 using each number once and using only plus minus divide or multiplication?

71 - 49

What is calculator?

a calculator is a machine in which u give some input and getting some output. Basically it is a mathematical device which perform manipulation on no. that u give to this machine as the input. we can done any arithmetic or some calculator have facility to perform some logical operation by this. By using of concept of theory of computation we can make better a calculator.

How do you make calculation in comuter?

There is utility "calculator" by the help of calculator you can calculate.

Can you make your own RBS Mortgage Calculator in Microsoft Excel?

Yes it is possible to make your own RBS mortgage calculator in Excel. When you are making your calculator make sure that you happen to have strong math skills.

If you can only use the number 4 key on a calculator and the add minus divide and multiply keys what is the fewest number of pressings you need to make the number nine?


What does a minus and minus make in math?

It makes a -2 from the answer you get in the end.