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no you cant the closest would be a triangle soz

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Q: Can you make a hexagon by drawing exactly 3 lines?
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How do you draw a hexagon?

you make six lines

Why are lines important in drawing?

Because they make the picture.

Six identical triangles can be formed by drawing two straight lines through an octagon's center point?

nope. with 3 lines you can make 7 triangles. ... Technically it is "possible", but I doubt it is the answer they are looking for. The question never said you couldn't fold the paper or cut it... Or after extending the line off the hexagon to simply pick up and move the hexagon before completing the line while the line continues in one direction. Since the person who made the question is providing a true or false answer, it is likely their thinking is too rigid to allow for such possibilities. Additionally, if it is on a square paper, it already makes 4 triangles. With other backgrounds, drawing any lines at all may not be necessary. With 2 lines extending beyond the hexagon on a piece of paper you could cut those triangles in half and make a set of 8 identical in addition to another set of 4 simply from the papers. Did they mean "at least 6", or "exactly 6"?

How many perpendicular lines does a hexagon have?

None. A perpendicular line is two lines joined together to make a right angle(90degrees). A hexagon has no right angles so there are no perpendicular lines. None, by definition perpendicular means a 90 degree intersection of two lines. A hexagon's intersections are only 60 degrees.

How many trapezoids are needed to make a hexagon?

Minimally, two (2) trapezoids are necessary to create a hexagon. (This solution comes from drawing a line straight across the center of the hexagon.) Most numbers (if not all) greater than two are also feasible, but with more finagling.

How many shapes make up the iris in a drawing?

You would use lines and ovals.

drawing more lines on areas that should appear darker?

Yes that should make it darker

How do you make hidden lines visible in an Autodesk Inventor 2009 drawing?

u suk a dik

What different shapes can you make out of a hexagon one of its diagonal?

you can make a hexagon

How do you draw a quadrilateral that has exactly 2 perpendicular lines?

make a square

How do two squares and two triangles make a hexagon?

Look at it the other way. Draw a hexagon, and draw two horizontal lines, in each case from one vertex to another one. That way you'll see how to divide the hexagon into a rectangle (not necessarily a square), and two triangles - which, of course, you can combine again to form the hexagon.

What other polygon to make the hexagon?

6 polygon triangles make a hexagon