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Sure. It requires only the most basic algebraic manipulation of equalities.

x2 + 6 = -4x2 + 2

Add 4x2 to each side:

5x2 + 6 = 2

Subtract 2 from each side:

5x2 + 4 = 0

ax2 + bx + c = 0

a = 5

b = 0

c = 4

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Q: Can you put the equation x2 plus six equals negative four x2 plus two in the form ax2 plus bx plus c equal 0?
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In the standard form of the equation negative 2 x plus y equals one our teachersaid we are not allowed to have negative numbers for the x how do you get rid of the negative?

Multiply the equation by negetive 1. So, -2x+y=1 becomes 2x-y=-1.

What is an equation that can be expressed in the form of the equation y equals ax squared plus bx plus c where the variable 'a' is not equal to 0?

The equation ax2 + bx + c = 0, where a != 0 is called quadratic.

Which logarithmic equation is equivalent to the exponential equation 464?

I don't see an equation. An equation must have an equal sign. For a question in, you'll have to write the word "equals", since symbols get lost.

Equation that can be expressed in the form of the equation y equals ax2 plus bx plus c?

A quadratic equation.

2x equals 4y what is the equation in standard form?


What is the equation for Standard Form?

Ax+By=C A- Cannot be negative Equation- Cannot have decimals or fractions in it

What is the slope intercept form of 3x minus 2y equals negative?

That will depend on what negative something equals which has not been given.

A mathmatical sequence whose verb is equal?

A mathematical sequence whose verb is equal is the definition for an equation. An equation is given in the form A is equal to B. An equation can contain numbers and variables.

What is the slope-intercept form of the equation -6x plus y equals 9?

Solving the equation for "y" gives you the slope-intercept form.

What is the equation of y equals 2x-7 in standard form?


A sentence stating two expressions are equal?

When two expressions are equal they can form an equation.

What is the significance of this equation ax2 plus bx plus c equals 0?

It is the general form of a quadratic equation.