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Q: Can you put two quotes next to each other?
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How do you put two MySpace icons right next to each other instead of them having to be one on top of the other?

to put them on top of each other, you would have to put <center> in the middle of the codes. dont put <center> in the middle of the codes and it will show up next to each other.

How do you introduce new parakeets to each other?

Put them next to eachother.

How do you put a MySpace picture and text next to each other?

myspace is dead/. get over it! :)

How do you put the word aligned in a sentence?

I aligned the two sticks next to each other

When 2 balloons were rubbed with a sock what happens when you put the balloons next to each other?

The static electricity of the balloons means that they repel each other.

Where can you find a bed for your Club Penguin?

You cannot but you can put 2 couches next to each other.

How do you build the towers in speed stacks?

u stack 2 next to each other and put one on top

Where could a person find sentimental quotes to put in a letter to their sister?

Perhaps it would be a good idea to buy a book that contains sentimental quotes to put in a letter to their sister. These quotes can also then be presumably used for other family members.

What is a good site for finding quotes about summer?

If you use key words such as: quotes. summer quotes, and best summer quotes you should be able to narrow down what you are looking for. Make sure you put quotation marks around each key word.

What details would you put on a biography?

You might put quotes of what other people think of the person you are doing the biography about.

What is -18 multiplied by -x?

-18 times -x = 18x the negatives cancel each other and if one is combining a real number and a variable, you just put them next to each other.

How do you put pictures next to each other on Photobucket?

You have to upload the pictures first. Then you edit it, and then it will show up in your Photobucket album.