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Q: Can you remove ground floor ceiling?
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How do you repair an upstairs waste plumbing leak- where the pipes are in the ground floor ceiling?

Usually by cutting an access hole in ground floor ceiling to locate and fix leak.

Why ground floor height is more then 1st floor?

There are lots of reasons this may be true. I suspect the biggest reason is that somewhere on that floor is the heating and cooling equipment, water heating, etc. and the ceiling height is necessary for that equipment. If this is true then you also have the bulk of your ducts, water pipes, etc. in the ceiling of the ground floor and these are often run between an artificial drop ceiling and the actual structural ceiling.

When i have a bath the ceiling in the kitchen cracks how do i strengthen the floor and ceiling to stop this happening?

You would either have to remove the ceiling in the kitchen or the floor in the bath, and add additional joists to strengthen them, or possibly add steel in combination with the joists.

How are a canopy and floor the same?

No. They are not. A floor is what you walk on. Or the ground in a forest. A canopy is a temporary ceiling. Or in nature, the tree tops that form a "roof".

What is the opposite of floor?

a ceiling

What are the homophones for sealing?

ceiling not the floor,but the ceiling

What is a homophone for sealing?

ceiling as in, not the floor but the ceiling

What does the math symbol floor mean?

The floor and ceiling functions give you the nearest integer up or down.Example: What is the floor and ceiling of 2.31?The Floor of 2.31 is 2The Ceiling of 2.31 is 3

How do you remove second story floor and make first floor ceiling higher?

This can be a really difficult procedure. You will still need the floor on the second story to allow for walking around.

What does the term floor loads mean?

stacked from floor to ceiling

How is a price floor different from a price ceiling?

Price floor is a minimum and price ceiling is a maximum.

How is floor price different from a price ceiling?

Price floor is a minimum and price ceiling is a maximum.