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Yes, easily:

s/195 70 15/225 70 15/

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Q: Can you replace 195 70 15 with 225 70 15?
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Can you replace 225-70-15 tires with 215-75-15?

Yes, you can

What other size tires are compatible with 205 65 r15?

195/70-15 or 225/60-15 will work well.

Can you replace a 7.00 15lt tires with a 225-70-15?

Yes, they are close in dimension

Can you replace 225-70-15 tires with 215-70-15 or 215-75-15 tires?

Yes, you can, as long as both tires on an axle are same

Can i replace 225 70 r17 with 225 70 r 16?

NO, rim size is incorrect.

Is it acceptable to replace the 205-65r 15 inch tires on a 2006 Chevy Malibu with 205 - 70r 15 tires?

No, if you are going to a 70 series tire then you will need to go with 195/70-15.

What is the metric equivalent of a GR-70-15 tire?


What tires will replace 195 65 15 tires?

Any of these sizes will work well as long as there are no clearance issues. 225/55-15 215/60-15 185/70-15 Your speedometer will be off .5 mph with all three. Know that the car will handle differently with anything other than the OEM size.

Can you replace 225 70 r16 tires with a 225 60 r16?

On a 2001 Toyota Highlander

Can you replace a tire that is 205 70 R14 with a 195 70 R14 tire?

You can but your speedometer will be wrong.

Can you substitute 235 R15 tire be replace by a 225 R15?

You have not given the whole tire ID number. -It's essential.For instance, you could replace a 235/65 R 15 with a 225/65 R 15.- You could NOT replace a 235/70 R 15 with a 225/50 R 15.That second set of digits, the profile #, IS important and you should not expect a good answer without giving ALL the pertinent facts

Can you replace 215-70-15 tires with 195-65-15 tires?

Absolutely not. You are going the wrong way. If you wish to go with a wider profile you must go with a larger tread width. A 225/65-15 would be a good alternative as it is almost exactly the same diameter and only 1.29% smaller. A 195/65-15 is 2.13 inches smaller which is 6.97% smaller than the OEM tire. You never want to go more than 3%.