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Yes, easily:

s/195 70 15/225 70 15/

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Q: Can you replace 195 70 15 with 225 70 15?
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Can you replace 225-70-15 tires with 215-75-15?

Yes, you can

What other size tires are compatible with 205 65 r15?

195/70-15 or 225/60-15 will work well.

Can you replace 225-70-15 tires with 215-70-15 or 215-75-15 tires?

Yes, you can, as long as both tires on an axle are same

Can you replace a 7.00 15lt tires with a 225-70-15?

Yes, they are close in dimension

Can i replace 225 70 r17 with 225 70 r 16?

NO, rim size is incorrect.

Is it acceptable to replace the 205-65r 15 inch tires on a 2006 Chevy Malibu with 205 - 70r 15 tires?

No, if you are going to a 70 series tire then you will need to go with 195/70-15.

What is the metric equivalent of a GR-70-15 tire?


Can you replace 225 70 r16 tires with a 225 60 r16?

On a 2001 Toyota Highlander

Can you replace a tire that is 205 70 R14 with a 195 70 R14 tire?

You can but your speedometer will be wrong.

Can you replace 235 70 r16 with 225 60 r16?

Can a 225/60R 16 tire replace a 235/70R 16 tire.

Can you substitute instead of 195 can you put on 205?

Yes, but if you go from, lets say, a 195/70-15 then go with a 205/65-15.

What number is 70 percent of 225?

70% of 225 = 70*225/100 = 157.5

Can you replace 215-70-15 tires with 195-65-15 tires?

Absolutely not. You are going the wrong way. If you wish to go with a wider profile you must go with a larger tread width. A 225/65-15 would be a good alternative as it is almost exactly the same diameter and only 1.29% smaller. A 195/65-15 is 2.13 inches smaller which is 6.97% smaller than the OEM tire. You never want to go more than 3%.

What tires will replace 195 65 15 tires?

Any of these sizes will work well as long as there are no clearance issues. 225/55-15 215/60-15 185/70-15 Your speedometer will be off .5 mph with all three. Know that the car will handle differently with anything other than the OEM size.

Can you replace 235 70-16 with 225 70-16?

if your car has 325 70-16 wheels you can put wheels with 225 70-16 on if ya like. but of course if you have alloys that siz up 235 - 16 u cant go and put 225 70 - 16 tyres on it cuz its too narrow

Can 205 70 15 tire replace a 195 65 15 tire?

No, absolutely not. This is a terrible swap as the 205 tire will be 5% larger in overall diameter than the 195 tire. Your speedometer will read 57 mph at a true 60 mph. Power, ride, handling, braking, and fuel mileage will be adversely effected. If you wish to go to a 70 series tire then go to a 185/70-15. My advice is to stick with the OEM size.

Can you substitute 205 65 15 tires with 205 70 15 tires?

No, that is a very bad substitute. If you want to go with a 70 series tire go with a 195/70-15 which is a great substitute.

Can you put 235 70 15 on front and 225 70 15 on rear of a jeep?

NO, it is a 4WD all 4 tires must be the same size.

What is the OEM tire size for a 79 Pontiac Trans Am?

With WS-4 Suspension...225/70/15 WS-6 235/70/15

What tire sizes fit a 1998 Saturn sl2?

195 70 r 15

Can 205-65 -15 tires substitute 195-70-14?

NO, the rim size is different.

Can tire 185 65r14 replace 195 70 r14?

Sounds possible but check carefully for rubbing anywhere.

Is 225 x 70 x 15 the right tire size for a 1966 Pontiac Le mans?

A 225/70/15 will fit a 66 LeMans....but I think the only diameter wheel available for the LeMans back then was originally 14". I could be wrong about this.

What is 225 divide by 3?


Can you substitute 235 R15 tire be replace by a 225 R15?

You have not given the whole tire ID number. -It's essential.For instance, you could replace a 235/65 R 15 with a 225/65 R 15.- You could NOT replace a 235/70 R 15 with a 225/50 R 15.That second set of digits, the profile #, IS important and you should not expect a good answer without giving ALL the pertinent facts