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Yes you can. A .270 wcf and .270 win are exactly the same thing.

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Q: Can you shoot a 270 wcf in a 270 win?
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What is the difference between a 270 WCF and a 270 Win?

There is no diffrents. There is no diffrents.

Can you use a 270 win mag in a rifle that is ment to be used with a 270 WCF?


Is a 270 win rifle the same as a 270 wcf rifle?

.270 WCF means Winchester Center fire. Yes, same round- and IMHO, one of the best rifle cartridges ever made.

What does the wcf stand for in 270 wcf ammo?

WCF stands for Winchester Center Fire

Can a Remington model 770 in a 270 caliber shoot both a 270 wsm and 270 win?

Definitely Not !!

What does the WCF sand for after weatherby vanguard 270 mean?

The full name of the cartridge is the .270 Winchester Center Fire. WCF. To distinguish it from any other .270 cartridge, such as Weatherby, Holland & Holland, etc.

Can you use 270 ammo in a 270 wcf rifle?

No. Only use what is stamed on the barrel.

Is Winchester 270 wcf the same as 270?

Yes. Many other early developed cartridges bore the wcf label as well. Like the .22 hornet, 30-30,and pistol cartridges as well.

How fast does 270 win shoot?

Muzzle velocity of a .270 will vary with the rifle and the loading of that cartridge, but may be as low at 2700 fps, or high as 3400 fps.

Value of Weatherby Vanguard 270 WCF with Weatherby scope?

100-500 or so

Can you shoot 30-30 round in your 30 wcf?

Maybe. It needs to be examined by a gunsmith

Will a 270 weatherby shoot all types of 270 bulletts?

A 270 Weathery will shoot any standard 270 bullet. However a Weatehrby Magnum will not. The Weatheby Magnum is like a Winchester Magnum which is a shorter and fatter cartridge.