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the answer is 12

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Q: Can you show how you answer the equation 3 plus 3 times 3 minus 3 plus 3 equals?
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What is a plus times a minus?

Positive (Plus) times Negative (Minus) always equals a negative (minus).

What is 3x plus 4 equals 19 minus 2x?

An equation where x equals 3.

What is minus 8 times minus 3 plus minus 6 equals?


Minus multiplied by a plus?

Negative times positive equals negative.

27 times 3 minus 46 plus 23 equals?

27 times 3 minus 46 plus 23 equals 58.

What does 15--13 equal 15 --13 equals 28 because a minus and a minus equals a plus so the equation is actually 15 plus 13 equals 28?

Yes that is correct

What is the equation of 3 equals x plus 3 minus 5x?


What is 8n plus 11 equals 4 plus 10n minus 11?

It is an equation and the value of n is 9

How do you solve the equation 51 2z 8z equals 23?

By including its plus or minus signs

Which form is this equation written 3x 2y 7?

Incomplete, since there are no operators (plus, minus, times, divides, equals etc) between the terms.

Solve the equation 15x minus 12 equals 3x plus 8?

15x minus 8=minus 180 3x+8=24

How do you solve this equation x equals 9 minus 5 plus 5 multiply 0 plus 3?


What times what equals 114 and minus or plus equals 15?

2x57-99 equal 15

Where do i put grouping symbols for the equation 3 plus 8 minus 2 times 5?

If you mean: (3+8)-(2*5) then it equals 1

What if you have the equation of y-1 equals x and you want it to b in y equals mx plus b?

the y-1 is a minus .

What is x in the equation -3x squared minus 5x plus 12 equals 0?


What is the solution set for the equation x squared minus 6x plus 9 equals 16?


What is the solution of the equation y equals 2x plus 10?

the answer is y minus 10 divided by 2.

Negative 3 minus negative 4 equals what?

(-3)-(4)=(-3)+4=1 Minus times minus equals plus. The reason for this we need not discuss.

What is an equation for a graph that is parallel to the graph of y equals -0.5x plus 2?

y = -0.5x plus or minus any number

What is the answer to the following equation Eighteen minus four times three plus two?


What is the center of the circle given by the equation x minus 2 times 2 plus y plus 4 times 2 equals 6?

What is the center of the circle given by the equation (x- 2)2 + (y + 4)2 = 6?(2, -4)

What is the variables in this equation 25 plus x equals 47?

Technically there are no variables in this equation, as 47 minus 25 is equal to x (22)

What equation is parallel to y-2x equals 5?

[ y = 2x plus or minus any number ] is parallel to it. [ y = -0.5x plus or minus any number ] is perpendicular to it.

What is Negtive times a plus equal?

+ times a + = a plus- times a + = a minus- times a - = a plus+ times a - = a minus