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A pentagon is a 5 sided shape. Google pentagon and it will show you a picture.

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Q: Can you show me what a pentagon looks like?
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Show you what a pentagon looks like?


Show you what the math shape pentagon looks like?

show me what a pentagon shape looks like

How do you draw a pentagon?

A pentagon looks like a house. It has 5 sides. / \ |_| That's basically what it looks like.

What a pentagon look like?

It looks like a doghouse:(The shape inside the box is a pentagon.)

How does a congruent pentagon looks like?

A congruent pentagon looks like to pentagons, next to each other that are exactly the same. Hope this Helps!

Can you show us what a pentagon look like?

A pentagon is a five sided shape. Google it to find out what it looks like because the best way i can describe it is like a house but the sides are slanted in, but yeah google it..

What does pentagon look like?

hi a pentagon looks like i think it has 5 sides add me on moshi lauren10039

What does an irregular pentagon look like?

It looks just like a house.

What another name for a shape that looks like an diamond?

a quadrilateral sideways, a pentagon looks like a crown.

What is the prism that looks like a pentagon called?

pentagonal prism

How does a regular pentagon looks like?

It has five equal sides.

What is the name of the shape that looks like a house?

It's called a pentagon.

Is a pentagon any shape with 5 sides?

Yes, I do believe that no matter what shape it looks like, it is a pentagon if it has 5 sides.

Shape of a pentagon?

A pentagon is a 2D, five sided shape. A regular pentagon looks a bit like a house, with a square without a top and instead a point.

How many right angles are on a pentagon?

Depends on how you draw it. If you draw it like a house, 2. If you draw it so that it looks like The Pentagon (Building), 0.

What is the name of a five sided geometric shape that looks like a house?

A pentagon

What shape is home plate in softball?

a pentagon or you can say it looks like a house

What has 5 vertices two of which are right angles?

An irregular pentagon. For example, a pentagon that looks like a house (a square with a triangle on top) /\ |_|

What does a pentagon with two right angles look like?

It looks like an envelope with the flap wide open.

What shape has 5 sides and 2right angles?

An irregular pentagon that looks like a hut

What is an irregular pentagon?

A pentagon that looks stretched out so the sides are not the same length.

How can you identify the cushion starfish?

The Pentagon Starfish has a bump texture. The body is thick and looks like a pentagon pincushion, and tube feet cover the bottom.

What is the measure of an angle of a irregular pentagon?

well lt depends on what your irregular pentagon looks like. it could have any angle, it just depends on how you draw it.

Can you show me a picture of a pentagon?

A pentagon has 5 sides.

Can you show me what a dodecagon looks like?

looks like a 12-sided polygon