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In the US there are no gold dollar bills.

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Q: Can you take a gold 100 dollar bill to the bank and get change?
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2000 gold one dollar Indian with baby coin what is it worth?

It's worth a dollar. You can go to the bank and ask them to trade a dollar bill for a Sacajawea dollar. Presto!

If you take a 100 dollar bill redeemable in gold to a bank what can you get for it?

$100, a bank will only give you face value, take it to a coin dealer.

What is the value of a 5 dollar bill redeemable in gold secretary of treasury AW mellon?

On the 5 dollar bill: Redeemable in gold on demand at the united states treasury or in gold or lawful money at any federal reserve bank. 1928 series A A.W. Mellon secretary of the treasury

What is a ten dollar bill that says will pay the bearer in gold?

It's a $10 gold certificate, which was a type of U.S. currency until 1933. It could be redeemed at a bank for gold coins.

What is the value of a 100 dollar bill redeemable in gold?

Need more information - date, bank of issue (if applicable), design, condition for starters.

What is the value of 1953 gold 2 dollar bill?

The value of a 1953 gold 2 dollar bill will vary. The value will be determined by the condition of the bill and by the current supply and demand for it.

How much is 2000 liberty gold dollar worth?

If you got it from the bank or in change spend it, only the proof and Mint issued uncirculated coins have more than face value.NOTE: The coin is called a SACAGAWEA dollar and has no gold in it

What year was the 100 dollar bill made?

The first 100.00 bill was produced in 1862. A United Sates Note. there were also Compound Interest Treasury Notes, Interest Bearing Notes, National Gold Bank Notes, and Gold Certificates

Was there a gold note made in the 2 dollar bill?


Is a 2001 gold color liberty one dollar worth anything?

If you got it in pocket change or from a bank it's just a dollar. Some coins carry a premium but not the ones issued for circulation.

What is the value of Rutherford Hayes gold dollar?

How much value of the million dollar bill from rutherford the

What is the value of a 1928 US 5 dollar gold certificate issued by the Bank of Cleveland Ohio?

All 1928 $5 Federal Reserve Notes carried the phrase "Redeemable in Gold", but they weren't gold certificates and in fact no gold certificates with that denomination were printed. In addition, the bill was distributed by the Federal Reserve Bank located in Cleveland; it wasn't produced by a bank called the Bank of Cleveland. Please see the question "What is the value of a 1928 US 5 dollar Federal Reserve Note?" for more information.