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Only if the existing switch box has an unswitched hot and neutral in it.

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Q: Can you take power from a switch to add a new light and switch in another room?
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How do you wire a light with a switch to another light with a switch in a different room?

Search Google with: "two-way circuit" or "two-way switch" and have a look through the websites on the subject.

In Poptropica big Nate island Where is the power switch?

When You Go Into The Secret Detention Room And you jump down the Light switch is on the wall.

In one room there are three light switches In another room there are three lights How can you determine which switch turns on which light by going into each room only one time?

Have someone else go into the other room and talk to each other.

Is it cause for concern if one wall in a room by a light switch is always warm to the touch?

Yes, unless the light switch is a dimmer switch.

When a switch in a circuit is open?

One example is that when you switch off a room light, the switch is moved to the open position. Therefore, electricity is unable to pass beyond the gap caused by the open switch and the room light is unlit.

How can you determine if a light switch is bad or if the wires running to the switch are bad?

take the switch off and wire a plug right to it and plug something in that should tell you if they are live but kill the power in that room first in the basement

Why dining room lights go on and off intermittently?

Check for loose wiring at the light itself and also at the light switch. There can also be a loose wire anywhere in the circuit supplying power to that light switch. Start at the light itself and work backwards in the circuit until you find the loose wire.

Where is the power in rodrick's room in Wimpy Wonderland in Poptropica?

the switch is in the little supply room in the house off of the kitchen. it is on the wall and click on it and then find rodricks room and click on the switch

How do you switch the power off in Wimpy Wonderland?

Go to Greg's house and use the membership card to un-jam the laundry door. Click on the power switch in the laundry room and turn off Rodrick's room's power.

What is the Difference between manual and electronic?

On entering a dark room, you would normally, manually, switch on the light. It is possible to use an electronic sensor and circuitry to automatically turn on the light when you enter the room, and to switch off the light once you have left the room for a specific amount of time.

There is a room with a door with three lights in it you cant see in the room how do you find out what lightswitch goes with what light in the room but you can not open the door?

First you turn on one of the switches and don't enter the room for sometime, till the light inside is heated up. Then switch that light off, and then turn the second one on and enter the room. The one heated up (feel by hand) is the first switch that was turned on, the one glowing is the second switch turned on and the remainder not hot nor light up is the third switch * WHY DOES IT MATTER IF YOU CANT OPEN THE DOOR??

Does flicking the light on and off fast waste power?

Yes, flicking the light on and off fast does waste power. Turn the light on only when you need the light to see something in that room. Turn the light off when you leave the room to conserve power.

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