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If it's in your luggage yes

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Q: Can you take soda cans on a plane?
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Where can you take soda cans to be recycled?

a recycling center

What does it take to kill the bacteria on top of top of soda cans?

Washing Soda Cans with kitchen dishwasher liquid or soap water or chlorinated water should help kill or washaway bacteria from Soda cans. - Neeraj Sharma

There are 4 cans of soda on a table in front of you You take 1 away How many do you have?

1 can of soda.

Where can I redeem soda tabs in Hawaii?

You can get it from soda cans, juice cans, and energy drinks..anything the deals with CANS!

When did soda companies start putting expiration dates on soda cans?

Soda companies started putting expiration dates on soda cans in 1983 Soda companies started putting expiration dates on soda cans in 1983

How many soda cans does it take to be as tall as the Willis Tower?

You'll never get to be that tall, no matter how much soda you drink.

How many cans of soda are equal to a 2 liter of soda?

I think... Im pretty sure that it is about 6 cans of soda.

What can you take soda on plane in carry on?

You can carry soda on a plane, however some airline services are funny with people bringing their own food/drink on the plane.

How many empty soda cans does it take to equal a pound?

Empty, 28 cans make up a pound. I have a gram scale and a dried out empty coke can weighs just over 13.8 grams. 1 lbs = approx 454 grams 454 grams / 13.8 = 32.89855..... So if you asked me I'd say the number of typical soda cans in a pound is approx. 33

Can you take beer cans on a plane?

the tsa says that whatever you buy once you get a past security, can be carried on the plane

What is a can made of?

Normally cans(soup cans, soda cans, etc.) are made of aluminum.

How much soda is in a soda can?

Soda cans are made of 100% aluminium. What you weigh is what you get!