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Q: Can you use 225 60 R 16 instead of 215 60 R 16?
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Can you use 225 75 16 instead of 215 65 16?

This question can not properly be answered without knowing what these numbers are referencing. These numbers can mean many different things. They may be able to be substituted for one another and yet they may not.

Can you replace a 215 70R16 tire with a 215 65R16 tire?

Yes, you can but your speedometer will be 1.8 mph to fast. A much better swap would be 225/65-16.

What is Correct tire size for 92 old cutlass supreme?

Two options; 215-65 15 or 225-60 16

Can you change your tires from a 225 60r15 to 215 65r16?

Yes, if you have 16 inch rims that will fit in place of the original 15 inch rims.

16 percent of 225?

16% of 225= 16% * 225= 0.16 * 225= 36

What size tire for 2005 Toyota Sienna?

I got 2005 Toyota sienna and tire size is 215/70/16. I also heard that you can install 225/70/16.

What is 16 percent of 225 equals?

16% of 225= 16% * 225= 0.16 * 225= 36

Does a 215 70 R15 fit on a 225 70 R16 tires are on rims?

NO, the rim sizes are different, you can NOT fit a 15" tire on a 16" rim.

What is list of all tire sizes that can be used on 2004 Chevrolet Impala aside from 225 70 16?

the right size for 04 impala is 225/60/16 can i use 225/70/16 ?

Can you use 215 70 15 snow tires on a car that needs 225 65 r16?

If you are using the same wheels, no. The last number is the size of the wheel, and obviously a 15 inch tire will not fit on a 16 inch wheel

Can you use 215-70R15 to replace 215-65R16?

No, 21570R15 the 15 means that tire fits on a 15 inch rim 21565R16 the 16 means 16 inch rim.

Can 225 75 r16 replace 215 65 r16?

No you should not you use 225/75-16 on a car that came with 215/65-16. This is a 7.79% difference in diameter which is never recommended. You should never go over 3% difference. Your speedometer will read 55.3 at a true 60 mph. Your handling, braking, ride, and performance will suffer with this size. There is no 75 series tire that will work well on this vehicle. You can however switch to a 195/70-16 if you are determined to go with a different series tire. I would recommend you stick with the OEM size.