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No...but you can buy an "autotransformer" that will boost the 220 to 277. Transformers of this kind can be the auto type or isolation type and are available at a much higher cost that it would be to just buy 220 volt ballasts and sell the 277 ones at your next yard sale. The fluorescent lamps probably won't start with such a severe undervoltage (80% rated). If they do start, they won't work well and the lamps will have reduced life.

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Q: Can you use 240V single phase power to power 277V fluorescent light fixtures?
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Are all 480 Volt light fixtures 3 phase or are some single phase?

I do not believe any lighting fixtures of any voltage have ever been made to work off of three-phase circuits. Light Fixtures are always single-phase 2-wire circuits In the USA the standard voltages for branch circuits are: 120, 208, 240, 277 or 480 The light fixture must be rated to match whichever field voltage is being used. Some light fixtures are made multi-rated so they can be used on more than one circuit voltage

Do any businesses use single phase power?

Single phase power is good for small loads like lighting fixtures and heating devices.

Why use 277v light fixtures instead of 110v light fixtures?

277v light fixtures are more efficient to operate and less expensive to install than a 110v fixture of identical wattage. 277v light fixtures are typically installed when 480V 3 Phase primary electric service supplies a commercial or industrial facility. 277v lighting circuits are single phase circuits using one of the 480v primary phases (A,B & C) to Neutral. The higher voltage allows more fixtures per circuit using smaller conductors and longer runs typically required in warehouse lighting applications. ( Amps = Watts/Volts: 400W/277V Fixture = 1.4 Amps, 400W/110V fixture = 3.6 Amps) With 480V 3 Phase primary service, 110V Single Phase power is created using a Step-down transformer. The voltage transformation process consumes power (kWh) and the 277V fixture will consume less kWh than a 110V fixture if identical wattage, especially in fixtures with ballasts such as fluorescent or High Intensity Discharge (HID), like Sodium, Metal Halide or Mercury Vapor.

Are there 3 phase 277 volt fixtures?

No because 277 volt is a single phase of 3 phase connected with the neutral. Of a 3phase 480V y system electrical service.

What is one wavelength of light?

The laser light is the type of light that only has one wavelength in its phase. Coherent light is light that has a single frequency and wavelength, and can be described with a single wave equation.

Light of a single wavelength and having all waves in phase is?

monochromatic, coherent

What is the difference between single phase and three phase?

Single phase has one phase. Three phase has three phases.

Is the type of wiring in most homes single-phase or three-phase?

Single phase.

You have 3 single wires 110v how do you know if it is single phase or 3 phase?

It will be single phase as there is no common three phase 110 volt systems.

Single phase and three phase circuit?

Yes, there is a difference between single phase and three phase circuits.

What is the Single phase voltage in India?

The single phase voltage in India is 230v when we check with the phase and the nutral single line

Is Europe ac power single phase?

In Europe they have both single phase and three phase.

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