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Q: Can you use a cr2032 in place of a 2025?
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Can a lr44 battery be used in place of a Cr2032 battery?

cr2032 same as lr44?

Can 2025 and 2032 batteries be interchanged?

Yes. The CR2032 is slightly thicker and it has a higher milliamperage per hour. It'll last longer than CR2025. I replaced my 2025 with 2032 and it works wonderfully. The signal strength is excellent as well.

Can you safely replace a dead 3V CR2032 lithium battery in a remote auto key with a CR 2025 What is the difference?

If it will fit it will work. They are both 3 volts.

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What is the difference in a CR2032 and a CR2035 Battery?

Yes you can. However, the 2025 is 0.5mm thinner so will be a slack fit. It is also down on capacity; a lowly 165mAh as opposed to the meaty 220mAh of the 2032. The real difference is that on a constant 15Kohm load drawing 190uA @ 200C, the CR2032 will last 1000 hours and the CR2025 800 hours.

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