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can you use any kind of an 22 shell like an long or short shell in an 22 gun

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โˆ™ 2009-05-05 22:58:00
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Q: Can you use any kind of an 22 shell in a 22 gun?
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Can you use a airsoft shot gun shell twice?

yes they are reusable

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What gun did Ulysses s. Grant use

What slugs do you shoot out of rifled barrell?

a slug is normally use in a shot gun and they are not rifled a gun with a rifled barrel should shoot a Shell that is the same caliber as the gun.

Can you use any kind of o-ring for a dragon paintball gun?

No, you need the correct size for the correct part.

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It uses six D batteries and its totally worth it. The gun is awesome and you can win any Nerf duel it is so awesome!

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hermit crabs can use any clean shells. they should however, be the same size if not larger that the previous or current shell.

Can you use any bb's in your bb gun?

If its a BB Gun, Then Yes.

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Have it examined by a gunsmith

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What kind of bullets do you use for a well mb03?

if you are talking about the airsoft gun, you can use any type of bb/bullet. The best and fastest bullet are 0.20 gram bbs.

What kind of gun does CIA use?

They use the Berretta m9 with optional silencer for assassinations.

Is a air rifle or BB gun a fire gun?

Air rifles use compressed air or C02 to propel the BB or pellet. They do not use gunpowder. Their is no bullet shell and bullet just the BB or pellet.

Can you use any paintball barrel brand on any paintball gun?

No you can't. almost every different manufacturer uses different types of threading on their barrels. Be sure to check and make sure your barrel is compatible with your gun before buying. Sometimes you can buy small adaptors for the base of your barrel that have one kind of threading on one end, and another kind on the other, so that you can use a barrel that wasn't made for your gun.

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