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Q: Canadian characteristic attracts 10,000,000 tourists per year?
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Which Canadian physical feature attracts 10000000 tourists each year?

Niagara Falls

Which Canadian physical feature attracks 10000000 tourists each year?

It is Niagara Falls. Even though now it attracts more 10,000,000, it's the closest.

Which Canadian attraction attracts ten million tourists each year?

niagara falls?

What attracts tourists in Alaska?

it attracts tourists because its beatuiful mountains and weather.

Which canadian physical feature attracts 10 million tourists each year?

Niagara Falls attracts over 28 million visitors each year.

Which Canadian physical feature attracts 10 000 000 tourists each year?

ebook niagara fals

Does a leopard attract tourists?

Yes, a leopard attracts tourists.

What generally attracts tourist to Trinidad and tobago?

Tommy attracts tourists.

What attracts tourists to Egypt?

Tourists are attracted to the pyramids, mummies and museums.

What attracts tourists to Chicago?


What country attracts the most tourists annually?

France has the most tourists annually.

What attracts tourists to the southwest?

The grand canyon

What attracts tourists to the Caribbean?

Probably the beaches.

Does Barbados attract tourists?

yes Barbados attracts tourists because of the beaches and scenery

How many tourists does Kosciusko attract each year?

Mount Kosciuszko attracts 400 tourists a year.

How many tourists visit the tower of Pisa per year?

over a 10000000

Which city attracts most tourists?

As a city, Paris attracts the most tourists. Similarly, as a country, France ranks first for the number of visitors (over 80 million per year).

What attracts tourists?

The tourists attracts the land forms and water forms.They also attracts the man made.They are attracts also by our beach, religion,culture,mountains view, our hotels and also by our greeen house.

What attracts tourists to the Dominican Republic?

The thing that attracts the tourist in the Dominican Republic is the very big penis and asses.

What is honeypot tourism?

A place that attracts high volumes of tourists

What is the name of a beach in Spain that attracts many tourists?


What is the biggest befit of The Great Wall of China?

It attracts tourists to see it.

What attracts tourists to London?

They are attracted to London because of all its sights

What are the three classifications of world heritage listing?

because it attracts the tourists

What is the country that attracts tourists to its ancient cities of Timbuktu and Gao?