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If it is a real Canadian dime, and only stamped on one side, it is an ERROR COIN, errors come in many shapes and sizes, but a full unstamp on one side is really in error, go show it to someone at a stamp and coins store. however don't sell it there, ask what they will give you for it, to get an idea of what its worth, usually double what they offer

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Q: Canadian dime that is stamped on one side only can anyone tell me something about this coin?
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What coins have got 840 stamped on the edge?

I have a coin with a letter A with wings and the number 840 stamped on the edge it weighs 31.3 grams or 1 troy oz can anyone help ????

What is a 1952-2002 Canadian penny worth?

That is a coin that was stamped in 2002 to commemorate the 50th aniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The P indicates that it is a plated steel coin, and not a zinc alloy coin as some others stamped that year were. Its value is about 10 cents.

What do you do with an incorrectly stamped coin?

It could be a double-strike which means that the coin was stamped more than one time. Do some research or take it to your local coin dealer.

1995 penny with a B stamped on it where did it come from?

Someone used a metal punch to put their initials (or something similar) onto the coin. Unfortunately that makes it a damaged coin with no collector value.

Is a 5 Pence coin a Canadian coin?

No. It is a British coin.

Was Samuel de Champlain on the Canadian Dollar coin?

yes, his portrait was struck on a Canadian coin.

What does 395 mean stamped on silver?

The 395 means how much pure silver is in the coin. It was stamped on by the manufacturer when the coin was made and it was possible to measure the amount.

What does the symbol mean on the Canadian 50 cent coin?

The design on the back of the coin is the Canadian Coat of Arms.

What is the value of a 1964 penny that has a fingerprint actually stamped into the coin?

It's worth a whole cent. The fingerprint isn't stamped in but was etched when someone handled it with dirty fingers. Over time, the oils from your skin will react with the metal in the coin, actually eating into the surface of the coin, which may make it look like the fingerprint was stamped into the coin. This is considered damage to the coin and can easily make the coin worthless to collectors.

What are the values of a 1984 5 cent Canadian coin and a 1997 1 cent Canadian coin?


1789 double headed George Washington?

A coin stamped with 1789 with a profile of George Washington is not worth any monetary value. This type of coin was stamped privately and is commemorative.

How much is canadian gold 20 dollar coin worth?

A Canadian $20.00 gold coin is worth around $400.00