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Some car batteries can catch fire after crashes. It is not unheard of.

They do not randomly explode, however, if that's what you're worried about.

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Q: Car batteries can explode.True or false?
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Why can car batteries be recharged?

Car batteries are rechargeable storage batteries. They are designed to be constantly recharged.

How are car and flashlight batteries different?

Car batteries will make a larger explosion than flashlight batteries would.

How many car batteries are in a ton weight?

Car batteries come in different sizes and weights.Car batteries come in different sizes and weights.Car batteries come in different sizes and weights.Car batteries come in different sizes and weights.

Are 6 Volt Car batteries AC or DC current?

DC definitely, all car batteries - all batteries.

What is the difference between a batteries in a flashlight and batteries in a car?

batteries in a car is bigger and cause exploions and flash light dont they bring light to the flashligt

Why is it that dead batteries weigh more than full charge batteries?

False assumption.

What are rechargeable car batteries?

a car battery that can be recharged. All automobile batteries are rechargeable.

Who manufactures Berkley Jensen car batteries?

BJ'S sells Excide car batteries.

What batteries work with a defibrillator?

car batteries

Where can one find more information about car batteries?

You can find more information about car batteries online at such websites as AutoZone, AC Delco Car Batteries, and Walmart. There is also a consumer report site that gives reviews on different batteries.

What brands of car batteries have the best user reviews?

Some of the best brands of car batteries according to users are DieHard from Sears, NAPA batteries, EverStart batteries found at Wal-Mart, and Costco's Kirkland batteries.

Do electric cars have car batteries like in gas cars?

No, the batteries in an electric car are much different. Normal automotive batteries are lead acid batteries. Most electric cars use Lithium-Ion batteries.

Where is the best place to buy car batteries?

The best place to buy car batteries for you car would be Ben's Automotive Company in San Francisco. They offer a lot of discounts so it will be a lot cheaper for car batteries.

Where can I find broken car batteries for sale?

A good place to find broken car batteries is at a junk yard. A lot of people just dump their old cars there with used car batteries and old car parts.

Are batteries acidic or alkaline?

There are acidic batteries and alkaline batteries. For example, car batteries are acidic and pen torch batteries are alkaline.

Batteries are car batteries ac or DC?


Can you charge multiple 12 volt batteries with a car?

how Can you charge multiple 12 volt batteries with a car?

What compound do car batteries use?

Almost all car batteries are "lead acid" type batteries. These type of batteries use thin lead plates and are immersed in Sulfuric acid which acts as an electrolyte.

Can a battery make a solar car in the shade move?

Yes, the car works on batteries, the solar panels are for recharging the batteries not running the car.

What type of batteries in the latest RC car?

it comes with a batteries

What did batteries cost in 1979?

Batteries cost in 1999 it costs $500.00 ( if you taling about the batteries of a car)

How much are car batteries for a 2006 Honda Civic?

The price of car batteries for a 2006 Honda Civic depends greatly on where you purchase it and where you live. Battery Outlet usually has the cheapest car batteries if you have one in your area.

Are car batteries universal?

Car batteries are almost as unique as any other part. No they are not universal.

Where to buy car batteries?

There are many great online locations where car batteries can be bought at really great prices. One of the leading sites is and they have a large selection of batteries.

What should you do with car batteries?

Take them to anyplace that sells batteries for recycling.