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Assuming the battery and cables are in good condition, could be defective starter. It seems like the quality of starters and alternators from parts stores have gone down hill lately. If you have a multimeter, you can place the red lead on battery cable at starter and black lead to ground and start truck. If your getting good voltage to starter when cranking, then bad starter.

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Q: Causes that will make a new starter drag on every two or three start ups on a 1987 ford ranger 2.9?
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What causes a starter on 91 Nissan truck to start sometimes and not others?

Loose connection? Bad starter (flat spot)? Bad starter solenoid?

What causes a clicking sound when you try to start a 98 blazer?

starter part were the wires are.

What could be some reasons why a 1986 Ford Ranger truck will not start?

Loose cables, bad battery, alternator or starter.

Why is your starter keep burning out?

1999 chevy 3500 hd starter drags bad have to jump start every time

What causes a car to drag when trying to start?

Starter that is going bad, out of time, or weak battery.

Have a 1990 Ford Ranger that wont start or turn over?

There are several reasons why a 1990 Ford Ranger won't start or turn over. The truck may need plugs, the starter may need replaced, or the battery may be dead.

What causes a starter to stick during start up intermittently on a 2005 Chevy Malibu ls?

more than likely its the starter solenoid..not kicking out starter gear fast enough.

When will the ranger's apprentice start filming?

As much as every fan has heard of it, that is yet to be known sometime...

What causes a Ford Windstar to not start just clicks?

if it wont turn over at all you need a starter

What is wrong with a car when it wont start just make a grinding sound?

It can be a defective starter assembly that causes this problem. There are two parts to a starter assembly: the starter motor and the starter solenoid. The offending culprit is usually the starter solenoid, and it should be replaced.

1998 ranger 2.5 L 5 speed manual wont start alternator good battery good starter good it just clicks once how do you fix this it will start if you tap on the starter please include detailed info?

the wiring from my battery to my starter had a short that's what the problem was, thanks anyways

What causes a fuse to the starter to break I have changed a couple of fuses. Now the care will not start. 2000 Dodge stratus?

The reason it blows out is because the starter shorts out the circuit. Replaceing the starter solves the problem

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