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sorry i mean true
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Q: Caves cannot form underwater only on land true or false?
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Related questions

How long does it take for underwater caves to form?

More than 1 million years.

all caves contains some form of life true or false?


How does the layer of orange haze in blue holes form?

blue holes are inland underwater caves that form when land collapses, creating a sinkhole.

What kind of rocks are in underwater caves Metamorphic Igneous or Sedimentary?

Not sure quite what you are asking about, but anyway it is more accurate to ask what kinds of rock hold the caves, not what rocks are in the caves. Most caves are in limestone, a sedimentary rock, irrespective of water-level. There are a few caves in igneous rock: lava-tubes in basalt-flows, but on land, not underwater. There are also a good many caves in marble, the metamorphic but still-soluble form of limestone; and again the water-level is secondary to the cave itself. A few caves exist in rock-salt, an evaporite.

Is this true or false energy cannot be converted from one form to another?

This is false.

Can tornadoes occur in the water?

Tornadoes cannot occur underwater, but they can form on water just as they form on land.

What do underwater volcanoes form?

Underwater volcanoes form islands.

What is the process of formation of caves?

Caves normally form in limestone when it is dissolved by solution. They form close to the surface and can then form more caves below as the solution moves downward.

How do caves change the surface of they earth?

how do caves form

How do sea caves form?

Sea caves form by ocean waves pounding at the base of seashore cliffs.

Which type of lava would most likely form lava tube caves and why?

Basalt lavas form lave tube caves. These caves form from basalt lavas because they are of relatively low viscosity.

When liquid evaporate from solution the remaining elements cannot form crystals. true or false?


When liquids evaporate from solution the remaining elements cannot form crystals true or false?


How do ice caves form?

ice caves form when the inside of a glacier melts and the whole gets bigger and bigger

Where do stalactites and stalagmites form in caves?

Stalac"tites", top, or on the roof of the cave. Stalagmites form on the floor of caves.

How lime- stones caves formed?

they are formed when animals in the caves are trying to get to shelter and the limestone in the caves melt and eventually form lime-stones caves

Where do stalactites form?

in caves

How long does it take for a lava cave to form?

Unlike limestone caves, which can take thousands of years to form, lava caves and lava tubes form almost instantaneously, as they form from rapid cooling.

Why do caves form and which conditions control the forming of caves?

yea i mean totally dude

How can an ocean cause caves to form?

The waves cause erosion of the rocks to make caves

How does a acid cave form?

Limestone is the rock that is in Caves. When carbonate acid is reacted to the limestone in the caves, it will corrode forming strange caves landforms.

What do underwater volcanic eruptions cause?

Underwater eruptions cause tsunamis and cause lava to form and underwater ridge.

What happens when a volcano forms underwater?

well when its form underwater eventually it will erupt causeing it to make land form around it :)

How does limestone caves are formed?

Calcium and carbon form limestone. limestone caves are formed by water and other materials eroding the cliff to form a cave.

How did wind caves form?

wind caves are formed by wind blowing fine sand particles.