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Q: Client machine and audit logs will be maintained for at least a. 30 days?
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How long will client machine audit logs be maintained for?

Client machine's audit logs will be maintained for at least:

How long will Client machine audit logs be maintained?

Client machine's audit logs will be maintained for at least:

Which type of audit is the least complicated for taxpayers?

a correspondence audit

Audit logs should be reviewed at least?

Once a Week.

Will the IRS hold your 08 refund while you are in the audit process from the 07 taxes?

Probably....and also likely = depending on what the audit is seeing - that they will extend the audit to 2008 - at least for those things they dispute for '07.

When are the javascript functions compiled?

JavaScript functions are compiled by the client machine at run-time. This is different than a lot of older code, but similar (at least in effect) to modern languages like C# and Java.

Will a 240v sewing machine work at 230v?

Yes, electronic products need to work over a range of voltages as the mains is not maintained at exactly 240V or 230V. Typically they have a range of at least 10% and normally much more. So it should work down to at least 216V.

How much least count of coordinate measuring machine?

0.5 micron is least count of cmm machine

What is the least count of a weighing machine?

The least count of a weighing machine refers to the smallest weight that the machine can measure or display. It is determined by the precision of the scale and is typically indicated in the machine's specifications.

What is the difference between statutory audit and non -statutory audit?

Statutory audits are reviews of a business or governments financial records as required by law. Non-statutory are audits not required by legal statute but needed because of some other reason. A non-statutory might be needed if some issue is brought to light such as an irregularity in the way business is being done or perhaps in the case where some type of intentional actions such as an incompetent accountant or even embezzlement was discovered, to find out the extent of the issue.

Should the defense attorney cooperate with a prosecutor if it means their client will go to jail?

If the client is guilty then the defence attorney should get the least sentence possible

When should a client be reminded of a appointment?

Sufficiently early to allow the client to check his appointments and make any adjustments if required.