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Moles of reactants and products thats wut i put on my test

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Q: Coefficients in a balanced chemical equation always can express the ratio of?
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What can the coefficients in a balanced chemical equation always express the ratio of?

Moles of one substance compared to moles of the second substance. Ex. moles of reactant A compared to moles pf product F

How does a chemical equation express relationships between substances?

The chemical equation is a graphic expression of a chemical reaction.

How does a chemical equation express relationship between substance?

The chemical equation is a graphic expression of a chemical reaction.

Sulfur and chlorine react to form sulfur tetrachloride Express this statement in the form of a balanced chemical equation using the phases in your answer?

S8 (s) + 16Cl2 (g) ---> 8SCl4 (?)

Write a balanced chemical equation to express what happens when methane Ch4 and oxygen gas react to form water and carbon dioxide.?

CH4 + 2O2 -> 2H20 + CO2 There's the balanced equation above. In a balanced equation, all the elements on the reactants side must equal to the elements on the products side. This must hold in order to agree with the law of conservation.

What information you get from chemical equation?

A chemical equation equation is a brief equation of a chemical reaction it can express a chemical reaction in a single line it can give us information about the elements or compounds which are reacting or decomposing it also tells us about the states of reactants and the product

What is the net ionic equation of the reaction of MgCl2 with NaOH Express you answer as a chemical equation including phases.?

The chemical equation is:Mg+ + 2 OH- = Mg(OH)2(s)

What does express A in terms of B mean?

In an equation, A will be on one side (generally the left side) all alone, and B will have the coefficients and operands. For example: A = 3B + 7

What is the equation for the electron affinity of Mg plus?

If you express your answer as a chemical equation with all forms given, you would get: Mg+(g) + e- -> Mg (g)

How can you express a cookie recipe as a balanced equation?

The reactants and products need to be equal, as the supplies you put into the cookie mix has to be the same amount of cookies you get after.

NaOH(aq) plus FeBr3(aq) and rarr Express your answer as a chemical equation. Enter noreaction if no precipitate is formed.?

The chemical equation is:3 NaOH + FeBr3 = 3 NaBr + Fe(OH)3

What scientists express what happens during photosynthesis using this chemical equation?

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