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-60 - 17 + (4-1)d + (10-2)c = -77 + 3d + 8c.

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Q: Combine like terms -60 plus 10c plus 4d-17-d-2c?
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Combine like terms and simplify 2b plus 2 minus 2a plus a squared 3?

There are no like terms here.

How do you simplify 21t plus 14-12t-30?

You can combine like terms - combine the terms that have a "t" in them; separately, combine the terms that don't.

To simplify the expression 8t plus 10t you?

You combine like terms.

Combine like terms 3x plus 7 X2 plus 9x?


Combine like terms 3x plus x?

3x + x = 4x

How do you simplify 12x plus 4x plus 25y plus 15y?

Combine like terms, meaning add 12X plus 4X which is 16X and then you add 25Y plus 15Y which equals 40Y so the answer will be 16x+40y. combine like terms means add the ones with the same variable.

What is the answer when you combine like terms to simplify the expression when it is 14t plus 15-2t?

12t + 15

What is 6x -3 plus 3x?

combine like terms do you get: 9x-3. that's as simplified as it can be.

What is 3x-2y plus 7 plus 3x simplify the following expression?

Combine like terms. 6x - 2y +7.

Combine like terms. 2y2 plus 2(4y2 and minus 6)?

10y^2 -12

How do you Simplify the expression n plus 2n plus 2?

Combine like terms to give 3n + 2

Combine like terms 15b plus 13c-12b plus 10c plus 8?

15b + 13c - 12b + 10c + 8 = 3b + 23c + 8

What is 5x plus 8xy plus 10x plus 3xy?

5x + 8xy + 10x + 3xy = 15x + 11xycombine like terms (the x's and the xy's)

What is the answer to 3a plus 4?

3a plus 4 equals 3a +4. You can not combine the two parts because they are not like terms so there is no way to simplify this.

How do I combine like terms expression -16x plus 2 plus 18x?

Add them together and so -16x+2+18x becomes 2x+2

What is the answer to 4p plus 2p?

You can combine like terms of p to get 6p. If you are given what p equals you can solve for the completely numerical answer.

Combine like terms 5x plus x-9x?


2(x-3) plus 4x plus 3?

You need to open the parentheses first. Then you can combine like terms (terms that have the same variable, or lack of variable).

What is 4y plus 3w plus 4x plus 9y plus 7x-7w?

4y + 3w + 4x + 9y + 7x - 7w (combine like terms)-4w + 11x + 13y

-3 plus 3x plus 6x equals 15?

-3 + 3x + 6x = 15 combine like terms 6x and 3x are like terms as are -3 and 15 9x = 18 x = 2

-4 plus 10 -5 plus 3 equals?

-4 + 10 - 5 + 3 = 13 - 9 = 4 For problems as this, group like terms together : combine the numbers being added and similarly combine the numbers being subtracted.

14x plus 29x -15?

The Answer is 43x-15 because you can only combine like terms (as in 2 and 2, or 2x and 2x, but not 2 and 2x

What are the like terms of 3hk plus 8k plus 4h plus 6kh?

The like terms are 3hk and 6kh

Simplify 2a plus 3-9b-a-7?

2a + 3 - 9b - a - 7 Bring like terms together: = 2a - a - 9b + 3 - 7 Combine like terms: = a - 9b - 4

Solve -14v plus 14v equals -10?

The equation has no solution. Since if you combine like terms, you get 0=-10 which isn't true, there are no solutions to the equation.