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There are no like terms here.

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Q: Combine like terms and simplify 2b plus 2 minus 2a plus a squared 3?
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To combine several or many terms into fewer terms?

To simplify

How do you simplify variable expressions?

Combine like terms.

How do you simplify 21t plus 14-12t-30?

You can combine like terms - combine the terms that have a "t" in them; separately, combine the terms that don't.

To simplify the expression 8t plus 10t you?

You combine like terms.

What is a simplify equation?

To simplify an equation is to combine like terms, but you do not solve it for example: simplify 3X+4-X-6 2X-2

What is the answer to this problem 3 minus y over y to the second power minus 2y minus 3?

If you multiplied all the terms by y2, you could simplify this to -3y3.

What is the answer when you combine like terms to simplify the expression when it is 14t plus 15-2t?

12t + 15

What does it mean to simplify the equation?

To combine all like terms on both sides and reduce it to its simplest form

How do you simplify expressions with variables?

You multiply out brackets, remove common factors from fractions, combine like terms.

The answer and steps to simplify -x minus 6 minus -11x plus -1?

-x-6-(-11x) + (-1) Remove the brackets: -x-6+11x-1 Collect and simplify like terms: 10x-7 A - - is equal to a +

What are the terms of a quadratic equation?

x equals negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4bc over 2a

What is 112b squared minus 46b minus 126?

It is a quadratic expression which can be factored to (7b+9)(8b-7) after dividing all terms by 2

How do you solve this equation 7x-3x-824?

you have to combine like terms so its 4x-824. just simplify it.

Combine like terms. 2y2 plus 2(4y2 and minus 6)?

10y^2 -12

How do you simplify secยฒx minus 1 divided by secยฒx?

Use your identity to write the numerator in terms of tangent.

What does combine like terms mean in math?

it means to put together the terms that have the same variable. so if you had the equation: 2x+4y+5x it would simplify to 7x+4y because you would combine to the two x-variables.

What is the definition of a simplify?

simplify means to get an expression to its simplest form (a.k.a. combine like terms, add together constants) i.e. x + x + 5 + 3 simplified is 2x + 8

How do you simplify an equation?

Combine all like terms. Divide through by any non-zero common factors.

What is 3x-2y plus 7 plus 3x simplify the following expression?

Combine like terms. 6x - 2y +7.

What is the answer when you combine like terms to simplify the expression when it is14.9-y y 5.78?


What is X squared mius nine over 2 x squared plus 6 x minus 9?

They are terms of an expression because without an equality sign it is not an equation.

Simplify 2-8x-x plus 4?

2 - 8x - x + 4 Combine numeric terms: -8x - x + 6 Combine x terms: -9x + 6 or 6 - 9x If you want, pull out common terms: 3(-3x + 2) or -3(3x - 2)

How do you Simplify the expression n plus 2n plus 2?

Combine like terms to give 3n + 2

What is the answer when you combine like terms to simplify the expression when it is 4k -10 7-7k?

It is: 4k-10+7-7k combines to -3k-3

How do you factor 3 x squared minus 15 x minus 42?

Divide all terms by 3 gives: x2-5-14 and when factored gives: (x+2)(x-7)

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