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the letter E but u said it wrong what is the thing that come 1 time in a yEar, 2 times in EvEry month, 4 times in EvEry wEEk and 6 times in Each and EvEry singlE wEEkday

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โˆ™ 2009-11-14 18:22:26
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Q: Comes 1 time in year and 4 time in months and 6 time in week and 2 time in day?
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What is a thing which comes 1 time in a year and 2 times in a week?

An e.

What is the thing which comes only one time in a year but comes two times in a week and does not come a single time in a day?

The letter e.

What is a thing that comes 6 times in a year and also 6 times in a week?


What is the thing which is come 1 in a year and comes for 4 times in a month and comes 6 time in a week and come 2 time in a day?


What comes twice in a week that comes in a year?

A weekend!

Are the days of the week and the months of the year abstract nouns?

Yes, all nouns for time are abstract nouns. Time is a concept.

What is that which comes in a year and twice in a week?

E's, there is one e in year and two in week

What is the sum of Days in a Week Months in a Year Hours in a Day?

What is the sum of: Days in a Week + Months in a Year + Hours in a Day 7 + 12 + 24 = 43

What comes twice in a week that comes once a year?

the letter E

What comes twice in a week that comes once in a year?

The letter 'e'

What comes twice a week once in a year?

The letter 'S'. Saturday and Sunday come twice a week and September comes once a year..

How long is 554 days in years and months?

554 days is a year, six months and a week.

Why was the transcontinental railroad important in California's development?

It cut travel time from a minimum of 3 months (and often a year)down to a week.

What it comes once in a year twice in a week but never comes in a day?

the letter "e"

What happens to daylight at the North Pole when it's tilted away from the sun?

SIX months of night-time over winter, then six months of daylight when summer comes round. you read right, 6 straight months of day-time, then 6 straight months of night-time each year

What is the product of the number of days in a week and the number of months in a year?


What comes once a year and twice a week?

The letter E

What comes 2 times in a week 1 a year?


What planets comes out in January?

Any planet can appear in most months of any year, just not in the same months of every year.

If your daughter is 27 weeks how many months would this be?

6 months and 1 week. Every 3 months is 13 weeks (not 12!) A year has 52 weeks, half a year must therefore have 26...................... and you have 1 week left over!

What comes twice in a week and once in a year?

The letter E appears twice in the word "week" and only once in the word "year."

What is the thing which comes once in a year and twice in a week?

The letter 'e'. It appears once in year, twice in week and never in day.

How may weeks have there been in the year so far?

depends on what day of the year it is. Take the amount of months (if May then 05 months), multiply by 30 and divide by seven. You'll get a good average of what week of the year it is. Therefore this is the 21st week.

What year will it be in 55 months?

As of February 2018, in 55 months time it will be September in the year 2022.

Is funland in Toontown real?

Yes, but it comes out at a certain time of year, like jellybean week, or when the fireworks come out near the 4th of July