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The surface area A of a rectangular block with width = W , height = H , breadth = B is

2 * ((W * H) + (W * B) + (H * B)) = A

All measurements must be in the same units *meters if you want square meters as unit for the answer)

If you are measuring in feet, convert square feet to square meters (multiply sq ft by 0,0929 for a conversion accurate to three decimal places).

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Q: Conversion of square meter from width breadth height?
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How do you calculate square meter of body surface?

multiply the width by the breadth

How many square meter is in a cubic meter?

A square meter is a unit of area. A cubic metre is a unit of volume. They measure different things. Asking this question is like asking "how many metres are in a kilogram?" A square metre is the area of a square with sides of one metre. A cubic metre is the volume of a cube that has a depth, height, and breadth of one metre each.

Conversion square feett to square meter?

The exact conversion is 1 square foot = 0.09290304 sq metres.

How do you convert height in meter?

Height is not a unit of measure, it is a direction. There is, therefore no conversion possible.

What is the area in terms of length breadth and height required for one cubic meter of water?

1 meter X 1meter x 1meter, A cube

What is 1000 square feet in conversion to square meter?

92.9 m2

What is the conversion factor between meter square and feet square?

1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet to get answers like these, just put "1 square meter in square feet" into Google.

How do you calculate sq m to sq ft?

The conversion factor is approximately 10.764 square feet per square meter. This is derived from the conversion 1 meter = 3.2808399 feet.

How do you calculate square meter from cm?

Conversion: cm2 x 0.0001 = square meters

How many meters is 87000 sq meters?

A meter is linear, a square meter is area. There is no conversion.

What is the formula for meter to square meter?

There is no formula - it is an invalid conversion. Meters are a measure of length or distance and square meters are a measure of area.

How do you convert square meter to linear meter?

This is an invalid conversion: square meters is a measure of area and meters is a measure of length or distance.