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144 inches = 12 feet

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Q: Conversions feet to inches... 144 inches of string . is how many feet?
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How many inches is in a feet?

12 inches is a feet. It is one of the basic conversions of measurement. For example 3 feet is 36 inches.

How many inches are in 275 feet?

275 feet * 12 inches per foot = 3,300 inches. Google has a built in converter in it. All you need to do it type in a number and then feet to inches and it will give it to you. This works with all unit conversions.

How many centimeters is 5'2 feet?

Google is not only a calculator, but does conversions as well. Type "5 feet 2 inches in cm" and you will get...

1 inches how many foot?

1 inch = 0.0833333333 feet You might want to memorize this conversion. It is essential to many measurement conversions.

How many centimeters are in a 5 foot 2 inches?

You can use as a calculator for conversions. Enter "5 feet 2 inches in centimeters", and you'll see that the answer is:

How many inches in 200 yards?

Let me show you step by step. First, the conversions. 1 yard is 3 feet. 1 foot is 12 inches. 200 yards = 600 feet. (200 x 3) 600 feet = 7200 inches. (600 x 12)

How many feet are there in 125 meters?

393.7 feet. Using google conversions.

31 inches equals how many feet and inches?

31 inches = how many feet and inches 2 feet and 7 inches

How many inches of string are in 5 yards?

180 inches.

If you have 8 feet of string you need 2 yards of the string how many feet of string should you cut off?

2 yards=6 feet.

If 76 inches equals how many feet and how many inches?

6 feet 4 inches.

How many are four feet in inches?

Are asking how many inches are in 4 feet? If so: 48 inches=4 feet

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