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1,000 m = 1 km

If there is not decimal point at the end of 1000. it is just 1km.

If there is a decimal point the correct significant figures would be 1.000 km

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Q: Convert 1000m to km using correct significant figures?
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Convert km into m?


What is the correct unit of measurement for 1000m?


What is 70 kilometers per hour in meters per second?

70km/h x (1000m/1km) x (1h/3600s) = 19.4m/s (without significant figures)

How you convert kg to meter?

1 km is equal to 1000m. A no. is multiplied by 1000 to convert it into meter

How do you convert 12000mm to km?

1m = 1000mm 1km = 1000m 12000mm x 1m/1000mm x 1km/1000m = 0.012km

How do you convert a km to m?

Multiply km by 1,000 (1km = 1000m).

How do you convert km to mm?

1km=1000m=100000cm=1000000mm I think. >:)

How do you convert 5.28km into cm?

1km=1000m=10000cmso 5.28km=52800cm

How convert km to m?

Multiply km by 1,000 (1km is 1000m).

How do you convert 42.3 km to m?

1000m = 1 km Therefore to convert, take 42.3x1000 42300m

How do you convert a kilometer to a meter?

1km = 1000m Divide the Kilometer value by 1000.

Could you Convert 3.4km to m?

1km = 1000m So, 3.4kn = 3400m

How do you convert 14 km to m?

1km is 1000m So 14kilometers is 14000meters

How do you convert meter square to kilometer square?

1km = 1000m 1 sq km = 1km x 1km = 1000m x 1000m = 1 000 000 sq m Thus to convert meter square to kilometer square divide by 1 000 000 (a million)

How do you convert ms to km?

If by ms you mean meters, then 1000m = 1km. So divide the number of meters x 1000 to get km.For example, convert 50m to km.50m x 1km/1000m = 0.05km

What is the Correct unit of measure of 1000m?

1 kilometer = 1000 meters

How do you convert km to meters?

(X km)(1000m/km) 1000 X meters

Convert from millimeters to kilometers?

1000mm in a meter. 1000m in a km. so 1,000,000mm in 1km

How do you convert 2.5 km to meters?

1km = 1000m2.5km x 1000m/1km = 2500m

How do you do 6.59km in meters?

1km is 1000m, so to convert you have to multiply by 1000. 6.59km becomes 6590m

How do you convert 413.7 cm to km?

413.7cm=4.137m=.004137km 100cm = 1m 1000m = 1km

How do you convert 2345m into km?

Divide meters by 1,000 (1km is 1000m): 2345m = 2,345 / 1,000 = 2.345km

How do you convert 3568m to km?

Divide meters by 1,000 (1km = 1000m): 3568m = 3,568 / 1,000 = 3.568km

How do you convert 3700 kilometers to meters?

1km = 1000m do move the decimal point 3 places to the left

What is the answer to 1000m km?

1000m = 1km