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One revolution = 2Pi radians

16.75 radians / 2Pi radians/rev ~= 2.666 revolutions

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Q: Convert 16.75 radians to revolutions
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How do you convert revolutions into radians?

Multiply by 2 pi = 6.28

How do you Convert -4.2 radians into revolutions?

0.159154943 is the conversion factor. So, -4.2 rad x 0.159154943 = -0.668450761 revolutions.

How do you convert 13 revolutions into radians and degrees?

One revolution is 360 degrees or 2 pi radians ( full circle) So 13 rev = 13 x 60 degrees or 13 x 6.28 radians

Convert radians to degrees?

Multiply the radians by 180/PI to convert to degrees.

How do you convert radians to exact numbers?

the formula to convert degrees to radiansangle in radians = angle in degrees * Pi / 180 .

Convert degrees to radians 47.6925 degrees to radians?

47.6925 deg = 83.24 radians.

What is the formula for relationship between linear and angular velocity?

(linear velocity) = (angular velocity) x radius All angles must be in radians - and angular velocity in radians / (some time unit), for example, radians/seconds. If you have other units, you must convert. For example, if you have 10 degrees a minute, you can multiply by (pi / 180) to convert to radians/minute. If you have revolutions per second, you can multiply by 2 x pi, to convert to radians per second. 1. You need circular motion for the conversion to work. If the motion is not circular, things are more complicated.

What is the angular speed in radians per second of a wheel that is rotating at o 18 rpm?

18 revolutions = 113.097 radians.

How many radians are 10 revolutions?

20 times pi There are 2 pi radians in one revolution.

How many revolutions equal pi radians?

1/2 revolution. A complete revolution is 2 x pi radians.

What is the number of radians a wheel turns as it makes 2 revolutions?


What are the units of measuring angles?

Angles can be measured in degrees, radians and revolutions.

What is 30 degrees in terms of pi?

I assume you want to convert from degrees to radians. To convert from degrees to radians, you multiply by (pi / 180).

How do you convert revolution into radians or degrees?

One revolution = 360 degrees or 2pi radians

How do you convert radians into degree in c language?

You can multiply the number of radians by 180/pi.

What is the Dimensions of rotation speed?

Revolutions per second, or degrees per second - but in advanced mathematics and physics, radians per second is often used. If you have revolutions per second, you can multiply with 2 pi to get radians per second.

How do you calculate radians from degrees?

Scroll down to related links and use the fine calculator "Convert radians to degrees and degrees to radians".

Convert -320 degrees to radians?

-5.58505361 radians.

Convert 5 radians to degrees accurate to the nearest degree?

5 radians = 286 degrees.

What is the ansere to degree conversion?

That depends what the question is. To convert radians to degrees, you multiply by (180 / pi). To convert degrees to radians, you multiply by (pi / 180).

Find the angular displacement of 15.2 revolutions round to the nearest tenth?

It is 95.5 radians.

What does angular speed measure?

In revolutions per minute (rpm), or radians per second.

How do you convert radians into degrees?

multiply by 57.2958

How do you convert minutes to radians?

god knows

How do you convert degrees to radians?

Conversion: degrees x 0.017453 = radians

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