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Convert -30c to Fahrenheit

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Q: Convert minus 170 degrees C to F?
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How many degrees is 170 degrees C?

170 degrees Celsius is 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temperature is 3 degrees C warmer than minus 4 degrees C?

minus 1 degrees c

What is the physical state of methane at -170 degrees?

Methane, at minus 170 degrees C, or at minus 170 degrees F, is a gas. It is a solid below -182.5 oC (-297 oF) It melts at that temperature and becomes liquid. Liquid methane boils at -161.6 oC (-259 oF) and becomes its form we may be more familiar with, gas.

how do you convert F to C?

The temperature T in degrees Celsius (ยฐC) is equal to the temperature T in degrees Fahrenheit (ยฐF) minus 32, times 5/9: T(ยฐC) = (T(ยฐF) - 32) ร— 5/9 Convert 68 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius: T(ยฐC) = (68ยฐF - 32) ร— 5/9 = 20 ยฐC

What is 170 degrees F in C?

170 degree Fahrenheit = 76.67 degrees Celsius

Minus 170f equals what in C?

It is: 5/9 tlmes (-170-32) = -112.222 degrees Celsius recurring decimal 2

How is the tempertaure in Uranus?

It ranges from about minus 214 degrees C to a high of minus 205 degrees C.

What is the difference between a unit that works at minus 5 degrees c and a unit that works at minus 15 degrees c?

10 degrees

What is 170 degrees c?

It is hot

How do you convert 255 K to Celsius?

255 K - 273.15 K = -18.15 C = (minus 18.15 degrees Celcius)

What is the surface temperature on Saturn?

It is about minus 180 degrees Celsius on average.Saturn contains three layers of clouds. The upper layers of ammonia ice have temperatures ranging from minus 280 F (minus 173 C) to minus 170 F (113 C). The next layer contains water ice, with temperatures from minus 127 F (minus 88 C) to 26 F (minus 3 C). Temperatures in the lower layers climb as high as 134 F (57 C).

What is 170 degrees C in Kelvins?


What is -170 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?

(Minus) -170 °C is equal to -274 °F . The conversion formula is Fahrenheit temperature = (9/5 x Celsius temperature)+ 32 -170ºC = -274ºF

What is minus 16 c to degrees?

-16 degrees Celsius is 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Convert Degrees C to degrees F?

Convert 26°F to °C. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree

Minus 50 degrees c equals how many minus f degrees?

(-50) degrees Celsius = -58 degrees Fahrenheit.

170 degrees Celsius equals how many degrees in Fahrenheit?

170 degrees Celsius = 338 degrees Fahrenheit. Conversion: [°F] = [°C] × 1.8 + 32

What is minus 15 degrees celsius equal to in Fahrenheit?

-15ºC = 5.0ºFUse this formula to convert degrees Celsius (C) to degrees Fahrenheit (F): (C x 1.8) + 32 = F

What is the Fahrenheit equivalent of minus fifteen degrees Celsius?

-15ºC = 5.0ºFUse this formula to convert degrees Celsius (C) to degrees Fahrenheit (F): (C x 1.8) + 32 = F

-10 degrees F equals how many degrees Celsius?

Minus 10 °F = Minus 23 °C

How do you convert a temperature of 20 degrees c to f?

Type in google "convert 20 degrees c to f" and you get 68oF

What does 11 degrees C convert to in F?

11 degrees C = 51.8 degrees F

What is the celsius temperature when the Fahrenheit is 170 degrees?

170 deg F = 76.7 deg C

What is minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit in degrees Celsius?

It's -35 degrees C.

Prove that minus 40 degree C is equal to minus 40 degree F?

0 C = 32 F 100 C = 212 F 180 degrees F equals the measurement of 100 degrees C 9 degrees F therefore equals 5 degrees C -40 F is 72 degrees F below freezing -40 C is 40 degrees C below freezing Convert F to C 5 times -72 is -360 divided by 9 is -40 C convert C to F 9 times -40 is -360 divided by 5 is -40 F