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-1.257 radian

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Q: Convert negative 72 degrees to radian measure?
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Convert from radian measure to degree measure?

Degrees = (180/pi)*Radians

What radian measure is equivalent to negative 15 degrees?

To convert from degrees to radians, you can multiply by (pi / 180). Or use the Excel function to convert from degrees to radians. I am not sure about the name; you can find it under math functions.

Change to radian measure negative 95 degree?

You must multiply that by pi/180, to convert to radians.

How does radian measure is related to degree measure?

In radian measure, 2pi radians is a full circle. In degrees, 360° is a full circle, so 2pi radians = 360°. If you want to convert: Radians = (2*pi/360)*Degrees = (pi/180)*degrees. And Degrees = (180/pi)*Radians.

Define Radian measure of an angle?

radian = 180/2pi degrees

How do you do radian functions?

Just as you can measure a distance in metres and centimetres or in feet and inches, you can measure angles in degrees or radians. You can either set your calculator to radians, or convert from radians to degrees using 1 radian = 180/pi degrees = 57.3 degrees approx or 1 degree = pi/180 radians.

How do you convert angles to radian measure?

180 degrees = 1 pi radian. That means that there are 2 pi radians in a circle. Divide the number of degrees by 180 and you get the pi radians. You can also multiply the pi radians by 180 and get the number of degrees.

What does 20 degrees convert to?

0.3491 radian (rounded)

What is the radian measure for 180 degrees?


Convert from radian measure to degree measure -7é 2?


What is the radian measure for 160 degrees?

160 degrees = 2.8 radians.

What is 240 degrees in radian measure?

240 degrees is about 4.188 radians.