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1 pint equals 2 cups, so 1/2 pint equals 2(0.5) cups, or 1 cup.

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Q: Convert one half pint to a cup?
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Which unit of measure is one half of a pint?

One cup is a half pint.

Does a half pint equal one cup?

1 pint is 2 cups. A half of pint is 1 cup.

How many cups are in one half pint?

1 cup in a half pint.

Does a half a pint equal one cup?

yes it is one cup 1 pint = 2 cups

How much is half a pint?

Since a pint is 16 ounces, half a pint is eight ounces. Half a pint is also known as one cup.

How many pints is equal to 1 cup?

Half a pint is one cup, two cups is one pint.

How many pints are there in a cup?

One half a pint.

What is another name for half pint?

One cup.

How many pints in one half cup?

0.25 pint

How many pints are in one cup?

There is half a pint in one cup. One pint equals two cups. 2 cups = 1 pint One (measuring) cup = 8 fluid ounces (US)

What percentage of 1 quart is a pint?

Since 8 ounces equals one cup and 16 ounces equal one pint and 32 ounces equal one quart, one cup is a half pint and one pint is a half quart. So 50% would be the correct answer.

How many pints in one cup?

One cup equals one half pint. The better question would be how many cups are in a pint, which would be two.

What is equivalent to one cup?

8 fl oz or half a pint

How many cups is one half pint water?

1 cup

How many pints are in one qu?

1 cup is half a pint.

1c equal how many pt?

In the US, one cup is half a pint. Two cups to a pint.

What weight is one cup?

You can't convert between a cup and weight; a cup is a unit of volume. The size of a cup depends on the country; traditionally, in the UK, a cup is a half an imperial pint. In the US it is half a US pint, but there is also an offical cupsize of 240ml, in many countries it is 250ml. If you're measuring water, 250ml weighs 250 grams.

If a dozen cakes require half a cup to make and you only have a pint how many can you make?

I believe that a pint is 2 cups. I may be wrong. So if a pint is 2 cups and you need one half of a cup. Then you'll need 1/4 a pint = 1/2 cup.

How many pint equals 1 and a half of a cup?

three fourths, because one pint = two cups

What measurement equals one half pint?

1 cup or 8 oz.

What one half of a pint?

8 oz 1 cup or 16 tbsp

Is 16 ounces one half of a pint?

1/2 pint =8 oz 1 cup or 16 tbsp

How many cups is equal to two and one half pint?

5 cups 1 pint = 2 cups 1 cup = 0.5 pint

85 cups equals how many pints?

42.5? One cup=Half a pint.

What is more one cup or one pint?

One pint is more than one cup. One pint is equal to two cups.