Corner in a circle

Updated: 10/12/2022
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A circle has no corners. :) It just goes round and round and round...

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Q: Corner in a circle
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Can a square have a little of a circle in it?

yes it can. The corner can be like a circle

How many corner does circle have?


What shape has no corner no faces it has a curve?

A circle!

How many sides and corner do a circle have?


How many corner does a circle has?

None normally

What has 1 face 1 angle and 0 corner?

A circle

What shape as neither a corner nor straight side?

a circle

There is a circle house and a guy gets home and finds his wife dead on the floor. Who did it the mail person the butler or the maid in the corner and why?

The maid in the corner. a circle house has no corners.

If a square is inside a circle and you know the area of the square how do you find the diameter of circle?

Measure the distance from top left corner of square (or top right) to the bottom right corner of square( or bottom left) to get the diameter of the circle. Then calculate the circumference from that figure.

How big is the semi circle on a football pitch?

The center circle is 10 yards in radius. The penalty arc is 10 yards from the penalty mark. The corner arcs are all 1 yard from their corresponding corner. A semi-circle is exactly one half of a circle and there aren't any on the a football pitch.

Where can you play omok?

you put the little circle in the corner of the board.

What are the release dates for Armstrong Circle Theatre - 1950 The Hallelujah Corner 5-35?

Armstrong Circle Theatre - 1950 The Hallelujah Corner 5-35 was released on: USA: 31 May 1955