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You are confusing volume measurements with area measurements.

You could ask could 3- cubic centimeters of a liquid disperse to cover an area of 225 square centimeters. This then is a science question that deals with the properties of the liquid and the surface in question.

2009-11-30 17:33:00
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Q: Could 30 cubic centimetres cover a piece of land of 225 centimeters squared?
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How many square centimeters will the top of a tin can cover if the circumference is 10.99cm?

9.61 square centimetres.

When a measurement in inches is converted to centimeters will the number of centimeters be greater or less than the number of inches Explain.?

A centimetre is smaller than an inch - one inch is the same as 2.54 cm. When converting from inches to centimetres it will require more centimetres to cover the same distance, thus the number of centimetres will be greater than the number of inches.

How long is a book cover in square centimeters or square meters?

Square centimetres and square metres are measures of area in 2-dimensional space: they cannot be used to measure the length of a book cover which is a 1-dimensional measure.

How many square centimetres will 1 liter of paint cover?


How big is 7.5 centimeters x 4.9 centimeters?

It will cover an area of: 7.5 times 4.9 = 36.75 square centimeters

What is the difference between a dike and a batholith?

Dikes ; tubular in shape and may be only a few centimeters wide. Batholith ; large plutons that cover an area of an area of atleast 100 km squared when they are exposed on earths surface.

What is the total square centimeters needed to cover a 12cm by 9cm rectangle?

12 x 9 = 108 square centimeters

Which is bigger a meter or centimeter?

Well, it takes 100 centimeters to cover the same distance that you can cover with just 1 meter.

How many 16 foot x 6 inch boards are needed to cover 800 square feet?

Convert inches to feet6 inches = 1/2 feetso it is a 16 x 0.5 foot board. Thus, the area of a board is16*0.5 = 8 feet squared.The number of 8 feet squared boards needed to cover 800 squared feet is800 squared feet/8 squared feet = 100

How many square metres will 5 liters of paint cover?

5 litres will cover approximatly 64m squared with emulsion paint.

How many bundles of shingles would it take to cover a 17 squared roof?

40 bundles

What distance would a cockroach crawling at a speed of 1.5 centimetres per second cover in an hour?

54 metres

How many square inches of glass is required to cover a photograph that is 8 inches wide and 10 inches long?

80 inches squared to just cover it

How much are will 16 tiles cover if each tile is a 3 cm by 3 cm square?

It would cover 144 square centimeters.

How many 12 x 12 pavers needed to cover 144 square feet?

Well, one 12 ft * 12 ft paver will cover 144 sq feet so one will be enough. On the other hand, if they were 12 centimetres by 12 centimetres then you would need 133781 pavers.

How much tape in centimeters needed for 8 centimeters cube?

That depends on the width of the tape, and exactly what you're going to doto the cube with it.If you want to cover the cube with the tape, and the tape is ' W ' cm wide,then you need ( 512/W ) cm of tape to cover it completely.

How many square feet can 1225 17 x 17 tile cover?

It depends on the units used for 17x17: inches, centimetres?

Can two 8 x 8 recipes be baked together in one 9 x 13 pan?

No they can't. Two 8 times 8 recipes will cover 128 unit squared of space and one 9 times 13 pan will only cover 117 unit squared of space.


200 cm x 75 cm = 15,000 cm squared (10 cm) squared = 100 cm squared 15,000 divided by 100 = 150 tiles Get extra for breakage.

If 18 square tiles cover 162 square centimeters what is the length of one square tile?

3 cm

How many square centimeters does it take to cover a 8 centimeter by 5 centimeter square?

8 * 5 = 40 of them

Can you conceal a motorcycle?

Yes. If you own it you could cover it or place it out of sight so it won't get stolen.Yes. If you own it you could cover it or place it out of sight so it won't get stolen.Yes. If you own it you could cover it or place it out of sight so it won't get stolen.Yes. If you own it you could cover it or place it out of sight so it won't get stolen.

What is the measure of the number of square units needed to cover the outside of a figure or solid expressed in units squared.?

It is the surface area of the solid.

What area does this circle cover if the diameter is 2.3cm?

Area = pi*1.15 squared = 4.155 square cm rounded to 3 dp

Why shouldn't you judge a book by its cover?

why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover is because there could be more to the book then there is to the cover.