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A real physical rectangle on a piece of paper . . . no.

Mathematically . . . if one of the dimensions is a negative length,

then the area is negative.

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Q: Could a rectangle ever have an area that is a negative number?
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Can the sides of a rectangle be negative numbers and therefore have a positive area?

No. Measurement of length of rectangle sides is always a positive number in Euclidean geometry.

Can the perimeter or area of a rectangle ever be an irrational number?

Yes, the perimeter or area of a rectangle can be an irrational number. Thanks

To make a rectangle of area that is 240 what could your perimater be?

---- ---- ----

What is the area of a rectangle thatn is 4 units wide?

The area is(4) x (the number of units in the rectangle's length) square units

How could you use the formula for area of a rectangle to find the formula for the area of a triangle?

A traingle covers half the area of a rectangle with the same base and [perpendicular] height.

Find Area of Rectangle Having perimeter 2 and length 2?

If a rectangle had a length of 2 and a perimeter of 2, its width would need to be negative 1. However, width, by definition is non-negative and so a width of -1 is impossible. As a result, such a rectangle cannot exist. And since it cannot exist, it cannot have an area.

The length of a rectangle is four times the width If the perimeter of the rectangle is 30 feet what is the area of the rectangle?

the answer to number 20 is B...12

A rectangle with the same area and perimeter?

Would be congruent.It doesn't have to be a rectangle, though.It could be any shape.

What could the perimeter of a rectangle be if the area is 22cm2?

26 cm

The area of rectangle?

Rectangle area = (rectangle width) x (rectangle height)

What is the length of a rectangle if the area is 153 m?

There is no definite answer to that, as a rectangle that is 153 square metres could have different lengths.

How do you draw a rectangle with an area of 39 square feet?

The size of the rectangle could be 13 feet by 3 feet