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Yes, The water doesn't have to be over your head to learn to swim.

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Q: Could i learn to swim in a 15 'x 42 above ground swimming pool if I'm 5 feet 8 inches tall?
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Can you use an in-ground filter on an above ground swimming pool?


What are some of the benefits of swimming pools in ground as opposed to the other swimming pools?

In ground swimming pools are usually bigger than above ground pools. Although rather more expensive, in ground pools will last longer than above ground pools.

Swimming Pool Supplies ?

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When one end of the seesaw is 9 inches above ground the other end is 21 inches above ground how far are the ends above the ground when the seesaw is level?


Is an above ground swimming pool an appurtenant structure?


How do you measure a above ground swimming pool?

With a tape measure.

How do you convince your parents to get an above ground pool?

Well, swimming is a sport so it will help you get/stay healthy and fit, swimming is really fun, and even they could enjoy swimming! Hope this helps:)

How much does an above ground swimming pool cost?

The cost of above ground swimming pools vary by make, model, and location. However, for a basic quality swimming pool, expect to pay at least $3,000.

Swimming pool liners?

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Can you use white vinegar to clean your above ground swimming pool?


What is the typical volume of a traditional above ground swimming pool?


How much are above ground swimming pools?

Depends on quality and size

What are the poles on the outside of your above ground swimming pool?

they are for keeping it up

What is the differenc between above and below ground swimming pool pumps?

Above ground pumps have to be gravity fed, and the in ground pumps pull a vacuum and draw the water to them.

How do you partially bury an above ground swimming pool?

Dig a huge hole

Mounted reflectors must be at least how many inches above the ground?

24 inches

How much money for swimming pool repairing?

The cost of swimming pool repair can vary depending upon whether or not the pool is above-ground or in-ground. Above-ground pool repairs will generally be less than $25. In-ground pool repairs ranging from $500 to $1,000 are not uncommon.

How expensive are the average above ground swimming pools?

Above ground swimming pools vary in price depending on the size, brand, and shape. While very small inflatable models could cost only a couple hundred dollars, larger hard-sided pools will cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000.

What is the cost of a doughboy swimming pool?

16x32 above ground doughboy swimmimg pool.

How do I change the light in above ground swimming pool?

with a remote control and 'Captcha'ing the Spambots

Can you put plywood under above ground swimming pool?

Yes but not recommended.

What above ground swimming pool is the best?

Depends what is right for your needs and price range.

When storing boxes of food it should always be how many inches above the ground?

Six inches

Above-Ground Swimming Pools: The Economical Alternative to In-Ground Pools?

Once you have decided to add a swimming pool to your home, the next thing to decide is whether or not to install an above-ground swimming pool or have an in-ground swimming pool built. There are many things to consider when making this decision, the most important of which are cost and how the pool will affect the equity in your home. If the thought of spending upwards of $20,000 or more to install an in-ground swimming pool on your property is keeping you from having a pool at all, then it may be in your best interest to think about installing an above-ground swimming pool. Above-ground pools are not only considerably cheaper to buy, install and maintain, but they also can be made to look just as appealing as an in-ground pool. With the proper installation and optional decking, you can turn your back yard into a welcoming oasis for optimum entertaining in the summer months. An above-ground swimming pool, even a deluxe model, will only set you back a few thousand dollars, a fraction of what you could ultimately spend on building an in-ground swimming pool, after you take into consideration the excavation and landscaping costs to ready the ground for the construction of the pool, not to mention plumbing and electrical costs, building permits, etc. Most municipalities will allow you to purchase and erect an above-ground swimming pool without obtaining a building permit, and because the pool is set above-ground in most cases, there are no excavation fees associated with the construction. When it comes to home equity, the county tax assessor’s office for the area in which you reside determines whether or not an above-ground swimming pool adds value to the property. While in-ground swimming pools are a sure guarantee that your home equity will rise considerably, in many cases, above-ground pools will not add value to the property, per se. However, that is not to say that if and when you decide to sell your property, you can’t ask a higher price for your home taking into consideration that there is a pool on site, regardless of the fact it is an above-ground pool.

How can you level a above ground swimming pool after the pool is up and the ground was not?

Disassemble the pool, grade the site, install pool