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It is not easy to show, but they certainly exist. For example, consider the quadrilateral with vertices at (0,0), (1,0), (0,1) and any point in the first quadrant other than (1,1)

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Q: Could you show a quadrilateral with one right angle?
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Show you a quadrilateral with one set parallel lines and one right angle?

I don't think this is possible. there is not a quadrilateral with these qualities. If it is a quadrilateral, it will automatically have parallel lines, but there is not one that has both. The closest one would be the trapezoid, with a set of parallel lines, but no right angle. The square and rectangle have two sets of parallel lines and 4 right angles.

Why is the right angle squared?

To show it is a right angle, and that it is perfectly square.

How to show right angle?

To show a right angle you have to mark the inside corner so that it looks like a square.

How can you show a pentagon with no right angle?

If you wan't to show that a pentagon has no right angles, then don't put any right angle signs in the figure.

Can you show me a quadrilateral with 2 right angles?

a square, rectangle, rhombus.....

Can you show me a quadrilateral with one right angle?

I don't know what the name of it is but I can draw it.......It's something like that|---------------\| \| \| \| \| \|--------------------\CORRECTIONApart from the fact that this browser does not allow multiple spaces, the above diagram, if correctly viewable, would have TWO right angles - at the top left and bottom left.The solution is simply to tilt the top line so that it is not horizontal, though not so much that the angle at top right becomes a right angle.

What is the proper way to show a right angle?


Two lines that form a right angle are?

Two lines that form a right angle are Perpendicular. This can be show by an upside down T.

Show an example of a triangle with an obtuse angle and a right angle?

This is not possible. If a triangle is a Right angled triangle then the sum of the two angles which are not right will be = 90 [Angle Sum Property] That's why you see.

Right angle show how many degree?

270 degree

Can you show me a quadrilateral with one right angle one obtuse angle one acute angle and two parallel lines?

Think of your regular trapezoid (half a hexagon). Now cut it in half with a line perpendicular to the top and bottom. You can see the right angles along one side. The top and bottom lines are parallel. The seond angle on the bottom is acute, and the second top is obtuse. Can't be bothered to provide diagrams, though. Draw them yourself.

What is the box that signifys a right angle mean?

That's exactly what the box means! That box is there to show that an angle is right, as right angles can have different properties than acute or obtuse angles.