Cu ft in a gallon

Updated: 10/3/2023
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One cubic foot of fresh water: rule-of-thumb is 7.5 gallons (US) per cubic foot with each gallon weighing 8.33 pounds, so 1 cubic foot weighs about 62.4 pounds. one cubic inch weighs (62.4 / 12 /12 /12=) 0.036 pounds or about 1/2 ounce. Salt water is 2.5 % heavier than fresh water. Heavy water in nuclear reactors is a bit over 10 % heavier than fresh.

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  1. One US gallon = 0.134 cubic feet
  2. One Imperial gallon = 0.161 cubic feet
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1 (cu yd) = 27 cu foot

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Q: Cu ft in a gallon
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What is the conversion of a gallon water to cu ft?

.1337 cu ft / gal 7.481 gal / cu ft

How many Cu ft in a gallon?

7.584 USG in a cubic ft.

Cubic feet in 1mperial gallon?

1 Imperial gallon = 0.1605 cu ft (to 4 sig fig)

What is the CID for a 5.3 liter engine?

The cid for a 5.3 litre engine is 323.7 cu. in.Convert litre to gallons, gallons to cu.ft., cu. ft. to cu. in. 1 litre =.264172 Gallons 1 gallon = .13378 cu. ft. 1 cu. ft. = 1728 cu in. 1 litre =.264172 x .13378 x 1728 = 323.7

Is a gallon a mass or a weight?

The answer to your question is: No.The gallon is a unit of volume.A gallon can have different masses, depending on what's in it.And if the gallon is empty, then it has no mass at all.Weight depends on the mass and the acceleration of gravity where the mass is.The same mass doesn't even always have the same weight.

How many imperial gallons in cu ft?

One Imperial gallon is 0.1605 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet in a 28 gallon container?

28 gallons (UK) = 4.5 cu ft

How man cubic feet are in 1 gallon of liquid?

1 gallon of a liquid (any liquid, since "gallon" is a unit of volume) is about 231 cu in, or 0.13368055555555... cu ft. A cubic foot contains about 7 1/2 gallons (7.480519)

How many gallons will a 30 inch pipe 500 feet long hold?

volume = pi * r 2* l = 3.1416*1.252 * 500 = 2454.375 cu ft 1 cu ft = 6.2288 imp gallon 2454.375 cu ft = 15287.811 gallons or say 15288.

How many lbs are in a cu ft?

The answer is specific to the product in the cu ft. A cu ft of water will be different than that of a cu ft of feathers ETC.

How many cu ft in a cu yd?

.07 (No. That is incorrect.) Actually there are 27 cu ft in a cu yard or .037 cu yards in a cu ft.

1 gallon of water equal how many cubit feets?

1 gallon of water is equal to: 0.1337 cubic feet.