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Acceleration is change of velocity per time unit; the SI unit is meters per second per second, usually abbreviated as "meters per square second".

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Q: Define acceleration and give an appropiate corresponding unit of measurement?
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Define measurement and characteristics of measurement?

Define these Levels of Measurement.NominalOrdinalInterval/Ratio

How do you define measurement?

Measurement is the measure of something or someone.

What noun comes from define?

The noun form of "define" is "definition." It refers to a statement of the exact meaning of a word or phrase, typically found in a dictionary or other reference source.

How do you define of acceleration?

It actually means this. Increase in the rate or speed

How is a negative acceleration different from a positive acceleration?

Actually, it depends on how you define the coordinate axes, but usually when moving forward, negative acceleration decreasesspeed, positive acceleration increasesit.

Define the development of measurement from the primitive to the present system of units?

its so hard to define....

How would you define acceleration due to gravity?

That means that the acceleration of an object is caused by the force of gravity acting on the object.

When can you used the positive acceleration due to gravity and negative acceleration due to gravity?

If you define the "up" direction as "positive", then the acceleration is negative, because it is downward. If you define "down" as positive, then acceleration is negative. You can use any convention; just be sure to be consistent within a particular calculation, to avoid errors.

What is sysytem?

European measurement system

Define linear measurement in technical drawing?

the linear measurement in T.D. is a measurement which uses lines to figure letters and numbers by its sizes.

Define eadies a type of measurement?

Is 'eadies' the right spelling?

Can a car driving backwards have a positive acceleration?

Yes, it just depends on how you define which way is "positive". If you define the "backwards" direction to be the positive direction, acceleration will be positive when going "backwards". Note that if we define the axes like this, going "forwards" will give the car a negative acceleration.