Definition of irregular volume

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An irregular volume is something and anything that no one can actually measure. An example of this is a cylinder with a cone as its end; a complex equation is needed just to describe the shape that it has.

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Q: Definition of irregular volume
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Related questions

What is a irregular volume?

what is it

Whats the definition of a irregular polygon?

The definition of a irregular polygon is any polygon that is not a regular polygon.

How do you obtain the volume of an irregular solid insoluble in water?

Measure the volume of the water you have. Insert irregular solid. Measure the volume of the water you have now, and subtract the initial water volume from the new water volume. The difference in volumes is the volume of your irregular solid.

Explain how to find the volume of an irregular object?

You can find the volume of an irregular object by splitting it into shapes that you can find the volume for. Triangles are easiest.

What is the basic unit for volume irregular shaped?

The unit for volume is the same, whether the shape is regular or irregular.

What is the definition of an irregular volume?

An irregular volume is one that has no simple equation to describe it's shape. An example would be a cylinder with a cone on it's end. The shape can often be divided into two or more regular shapes which have known equations that describe them. In this case, a cylinder and a cone. To then find the total volume of the irregular shape, you sum the volumes of the individual regular shape volumes.

How do you calculate volume for an irregular object?

Partition (or divide) the irregular object into summation of regular objects and then calculate the volume.

What is the volume of irregular objects?

Volume of irregular or regular shape object is the space reserved by the object in any medium.

What is the formula for irregular sape volume?

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What instrument measures the volume of an irregular solid?

graduated cylindergraduated cylinderSubmerge your solid in a liquid the liquid volume displaced is equal to your irregular solid volume.

How do you calculate the volume of an irregular sphere?

We get the idea that an "irregular sphere" is not a sphere. At that point, we knowexactly what it isn't, but not much yet about what it is. So you have to reveal a lotmore about it before anyone can calculate its volume. Like, for example, less infoabout what the object is not like, and more definition of its actual shape.

What is irregular volume?

Irregular volume refers to something that lacks a shape with an easy equation. This characteristic makes it hard to determine.

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