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molarity is the number of moles dissolved per volume of a solution in dm cube

molarity=mass of solute in gram

__________________ 1

* _________________

molecular mass of solute volume of solution in dm cube


molarity=no.of moles


volume of solution in dm cube

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Q: Definition of molarity and its equation?
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How do you determine the molarity?

use the equation: MaVa = MbVb Where M is Molarity and V is volume

How do you find molarity with mL?

You convert the mL to liters and use the equation: M=moles/L Using that you should be able to get the molarity....

How do you calculate M?

M, which stands for molarity, is calculated by the equation: M=moles/Liters

What is the equation for calculating from moles to molarity?

Molarity is a measure of the concentration of solute in a solution. It therefore requires moles of solute and liters of solution. The equation is: (moles of solute)/(liters of solution) = Molarity. Some common mistakes are: #forgetting to convert mass or weight into moles #forgetting to convert mass to liters #using milliliters instead of litres

What is the definition of graph of an equation?

Plot the solution of the equation for various variables in the equation

What is the molarity of a solution given 8 moles solute in 4 liters of solution?

In the equation for molarity which is M=n/V where M is the molarity, the n is # of moles of solute and V is the measure of solution in Liters(L). Therefore for this question the answer is 2M

Two step equation definition?

there are 2 steps in the equation

What term is defined as the number of moles of solute divided by the numbers of liters of solution?

That is the definition of molarity.

How do you calculate the equation of a line that is undefined?

The equation is the definition of the line.If the line is undefined, then it has no equation.

What is the molarity of 0.5 moles of sodium chloride is dissolved to make 0.05 liters of solution?

Use the molarity equation, M = mol / L. 0.5 mol / 0.05 L = 10M

For which variable do you solve to determine the molarity of the stock solution given the equation M1V1 equals M2V2?


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