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A Customary Unit or non-SI unit is a measurement unit that is not part of the metric system.

Customary units are mainly units of the Imperial system but they could be localised customary units - such as Gaj (for area) is South Asia.

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Q: Definiton of Customary Unit
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Is Fahrenheit a customary unit or metric unit?

Fahrenheit is a customary unit

Is feet in the customary unit or the metric unit?


Is a liter a US Customary unit?

it is in the us customary unit or else we wouldnt be learning about. there for it is in the us customary unit.

Is pound a metric or customary unit?

Pounds are a customary unit. The metric unit is grams.

Is a ton a metric or customary unit?


Is ounce a metric or customary unit?


Is foot a metric or customary?

It is a customary unit.

Is a foot metric or customary?

It is a customary unit.

Is a second customary or metric?

It is the basic unit of time in both systems.

Is a pound customary or metric?

The pound is NOT a metric unit.

What is the customary unit of weight for a pair of earrings?

Which customary unit of weight would be best to measure each weight

Is a gran customary or metric unit?

A "gran" is a German measurement, it is neither customary or metric. A "gram" is a metric unit.

Is a gallon a customary or a metric unit of measure?

A gallon is a customary or imperial unit of measure. Metric is liters and so on.

What is the biggest unit of of capacity in the customary unit?


Is a decameter a customary unit or a metric unit?


Is a pound a metric or ccustomary unit?

it is a customary unit

What is the custamary unit of length?

what is the customary unit of length

What is the customary unit?

A customary unit is the unit of measurement that is used in the United States. It measures feet, yards, inches, pounds, pints and many more.

Is a mile a metric unit?

No, a mile is not a metric unit. A mile is a customary unit.

Is a yard a standard unit or a metric unit?

The yard is an English, or customary unit.

Where is the customary unit made?


What is a customary unit of length and is 4 letters and it is starting with m?

A customary unit of length, which has 4 letters and starts with m, is mile.

Which customary and metric unit would you use to estimate the distance to Detroit to Miami?

The customary unit would be miles (mi), and the metric unit would be kilometers (km).

What is the customary unit used for temperature?

Fahrenheit, if you're talking about U.S. Customary units.

What is customary unit of time?

The SI unit for time is seconds (s).