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deduce an expression for height of a liquid in capillary tube. also write practical applications of capillary action.

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Q: Derive an expression for expression for rise of liquid in a capillary tube?
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Derive an expression for the rise of liquid in a capillary tube?

derive an expression for the rise of liquid in a capillary tube

The tendency of a liquid to rise in a small diameter tube?

Capillary attraction.

How do rise of liquid in capillary tube?

It is our common observation that the liquid always rises in a capillary tube , the effect is referred to as the " CAPILLARY ACTION ".capillary action of liquid is also due to their surface tension. the surface area to volume ration of a capillary of small bore is much smaller than the container in which liquid is placed. Like viscosity , the surface tension of a liquid also decreases with the rise of temperature owing to the weakening of the inter molecular attractions .

What is the tendency of a liquid to rise in a small diameter tube called?

The 'capillary effect'. See the link.

Why there is capillary action and why the effect is greater for narrower tubes?

Liquid rises in and out of cappilarry to compansate pressure difference. Rise of a liquid in capillary is indirectly proportional to radius of tube so liquid goes higher in a narrow tube.

What is capilliarity?

The tendency of a liquid in a capillary tube or absorbent material to rise or fall as a result of surface tension.

What we called the tendency of liquid molecules to rise spontaneously up tubes with narrow diameters?

That is capillary attraction.

Why does a liquid rise in a capillary tube?

This is due to Surface Tension. The molecules/atoms of the liquid are atrracted by the particles of the solid and thus the liquid rises in the capilliary tube.

Capillary rise and fall applications in nature?

capillary fall

What is the attraction between molcules of a liquid that causes its surface to rise when in contact with a solid?

capillarity, also known as capillary action.

What is the basic use of capillary tube?

Capillary tubes are renowned for their capillary action on liquids, i.e. they cause liquids to rise up inside them. Capillary tubes are the essence of thermometers that use a liquid indicator. In biology and the plant world, capillary tubes are fundamental to the movement of fluids through the systems of living organisms.

Why does waters rise in a straw?

the air in the liquid is blocked off by your mouth when its on the straw so when u sip the flow of air and carbons bring the liquid thorugh the straw through capillary action

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