Describe a typical use for mainframe computers?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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Business Man, companies, bank, marketing

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Q: Describe a typical use for mainframe computers?
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What topology did Mainframe computers first use?

Mainframe computers first used star topology

What do you call computers that are connected to a network that use a mainframe or a supercomputer as a server?

answer: node

Do The earliest mainframe used the binary language?

All computers use binary.

What is windows sever?

windows server is a bunch of computers connected to one computer. they basically use the main computers mainframe

Do mainframe computers ordinarily use continuous form paper for laser printers?


What are the disadvantages of embedded computers?

you are stupid... they have less effective use other than mainframe computer.

What is the historical rate of demise of mainframe computers?

A mainframe computer is a large computer system that use to be manufactured. The historic demise of the mainframe computer began in the late 1980s when manufactures began making smaller models.

What is the purpose of network management?

Network management is a system that companies use to make sure all computers work together. I believe each computer is connected to one mainframe, so the network allows all the computers to use the same mainframe at the same time.

Name 3 simularities between mainframe computers and personal computers?

they box use processors they both both use cooling systems to prevent over heating they both have a OS

Why you use many processors in a mainframe computers?

Mainframe computers are used for bigger and complex environment than mini computer, so many processors are used to increase the efficiency of data processing. It also provides another benifit i.e. a mainframe computer is able to continue to be in service with remaining processors in case one processor is failed.

What technologies have been integrated in order to give us the world-wide web?

The technologies of personal computers and telecommunications. This would include the use of mainframe computers as servers, but personal computers can also be used as servers.

What is the most popular operating systems for mainframe computers?

I think it should be Linux. Linux is famous for running effectively on powerful computers. It is very customizable and does not crash easily on constant use.